Topic: Activity 4.2: Case Study on Language/Linguistic Identities


For this assignment, you will interview a student, student’s parent, or educator to identify major conflicts or challenges they faced concerning their language/linguistic identities in U.S. educational settings. This activity is designed to provide you with more intimate knowledge of what is involved in terms of conflicts or challenges concerning language/linguistic identities in U.S. educational settings.
Activity Instructions
Case study: Interview one of the following:
• a student at any level
• a student’s parent/guardian
• an educator or administrator who works with students (someone other than your current EDU532 instructor) —for example, an admissions counselor at a university, a high school teacher or principal, a tutor at an afterschool program, etc.
Your goal is to identify what major conflicts or challenges have been faced either by the student or staff member concerning language/linguistic identities in U.S. educational settings. For example, you might choose someone who is multilingual or works with multilinguals, or perhaps someone who uses a specific variety or register of English.
Make sure you use the two web resources provided for this week, (Week 4 Explore), to provide context and support for the Case Study you are creating. The resources include:
• U.S. Educational Language Policy
• Student’s Right to Their Own Language
Both resources should be included in your References. Your case study should include but is not limited to the following:
a. A detailed description of the individual and his/her experience with education in the U.S. Include information about the context or setting he/she has experience with and explain why you chose this individual to interview.
b. Identify at least two major challenges faced by the student or staff member in terms of language/linguistic identity and how those challenges were overcome (or why not overcome if ongoing).
c. What standards, laws, or regulations might be relevant to each of the challenges presented (if applicable)?
d. For each of the above challenges examine why you think they occurred, the role that culture might have played, and what discourses of power might have influenced the situation.
e. Conclude with a discussion of how you might have responded in a leadership position if working with or guiding that student or staff member and how your actions correspond to your developing understanding of multicultural education.

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