Case studies are self-contained stories of how a real customer overcame their stories and achieved their objectives using your product or services. They are the customers’ stories and not companies’ stories. Marketing case studies are frequently used because they are very effective. 

Below are the steps to write a great case study.

Be realistic about the goals for your case study. Case studies are used as tools by the sales professionals to convert prospective customers to actual customers. Be realistic and have reasonable expectations because case studies are only useful to the sales team and prospective customers.

  • Identify a compelling angle for your case study.

Your case study can be engaging and compelling if you are creative enough to find a customer who has an interesting story of how your product or services has helped solve a difficult or unusual problem.

  • Make your case study relatable to all prospects.

All your prospects should relate to the story in your case study and their problem solved.

  • Follow the classic narrative arch in your study.

The best-case study follows a useful structure, begin by identifying the problem, find a solution, results than the conclusion.

  • Use data to illustrate the key points in your case study.

Show data to support the evidence from the customer in your case study, prove how the problem was solved by the use of your product or services.

  • Frame your business as a supporting character in your case study.

When the problem of a customer has been successfully solved, your business or company has overcome the challenge and so in the simple term, we can say that the company or business has played a major role in solving the customer ‘s problem.

  • Let your customers tell their own stories.

Allow the customers to tell their own stories do not paraphrase.