Topic: Strategic HR Presentation Final Assignment

The purpose of this project is for students to create Strategic HR Plan. The graphics created for this assignment Students will choose or invent a company that you will use for this assignment. Students, for this paper will be referring to the article, Delivering Strategic Human Resource Management by Groysberg, McLean, & Revis (2006) starting on page 297 of the course text. Students will create a Balanced Scorecard for their company of choice. Recreating, completing and providing an explanation or justification for each of the figures: Exhibit 9a (pg. 317), 9b (pg. 318), 9c (pg. 319), 9d (pg. 320) and 9e (pg. 321), of the HR Balanced Scorecard will be the main components of this final presentation. The presentation should be created from the perspective of an HR professional to an Executive Board of Directors. It is recommended that students use any of the following technologies to create this presentation:

Google Slides:

Type of service-Academic paper writing
Type of assignment-Essay
Subject-Not defined
Pages / words-4 / 1100
Academic level-Sophomore (College 2nd year)
Paper format-MLA
Line spacing-Double
Language style-US English

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Topic: Case Analysis business assignment


Format of a Case Analysis and General Rules/Guidelines A Case Analysis should consist of the following four parts: 1. Title Page: • Title, Author, Institutional Affiliation, Course Number and Name, Instructor Name, Assignment Due Date 2. Abstract

• Briefly summarize your paper using less than 250 words. 3. Main Body: • Double-spaced, 12 pt. Times New Roman, no less than five pages.

• A well-written case analysis should take at least five pages. When writing a case analysis, incorporate details – especially for the implementation part.

• Case grade will receive a 5 point deduction for each page fewer than 5; e.g. a 4-page document receives a 5 point deduction, a 3-page document receives a 5×2=10 point deduction

4. References References must be provided in a separate section after the main body. This section must be titled “References”.

Case analyses should be written in APA style. Failing to follow the guidelines may result in a penalty of up to 5 points.

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Topic: Politics and sustainability – Hazardous Waste Case Study


The paper requires 5-7 pages (approximately 1500-2000 words) in length, double-spaced with standard margins and font size. You need to provide proper citations for all of the relevant material; if in doubt, cite. Chicago Style. Only source that should be textbook ( will attach pictures of the specific pages – Chasek, Pamela S., et al. 2017. Global Environment Politics, 7th Edition. Westview Press. ISBN: 9780813349794)

Your paper should:
Explain the success or failure of achieving a strong international agreement on the global environmental issue and identify potential solutions in future negotiations

I will grade your papers using the rubric attached to this assignment. My expectations for this first paper are:
Knowledge: Student describes the major issues and understands the concepts and theories.
Research: Students uses the Chasek et al. textbook to highlight the critical factors in the case study, explain why the case study is important, and note the past, present, and future trends about the issues covered in the case study.
Analysis: The student presents the ideas and concepts correctly. Paper is well organized and cohesive, with a clear thesis statement. Student understands the outcomes and consequences of the regime studied.
Application: Student applies knowledge, research, and analysis in a well-structured paper, identifies the potential solutions in future negotiations, and explains the strengths and weaknesses of the proposed solution.

Topic: Business Life Cycle FitCook Limited


Based on all the work done in seminars and throughout the module you are required to produce a report for the case study company FitCook Limited.

This report should be addressed to the management of the Company and is required to support their decision making and business planning. Your submission should consist of the following:

1. An executive summary (max. 400 words)
2. An analysis of the current business (approx. 1,000 – 1,200 words)
3. Your advice to the company on appropriate KPI’s (approx. 300 words)
4. An analysis of the new business opportunity including conclusion (approx. 1,000 words)

The appendices to this report should include:
1. A summary SWOT analysis on the business
2. The latest set of financial statements for the business plus a confirmation statement, both produced in a format suitable for filing at Companies House
3. The calculation of 5 relevant ratios to support section 2
4. A project appraisal calculation of the new business opportunity

PLEASE read the Business Life Cycle FINAL STUDYNET VERSION ppt to see what content is needed in the report and it contains key info that is needed for the Accounts. It also contains information about the business which you need to analyse with the ratios and accounts.

You should complete an end of year account(financial statement) using the figures in *FIT COOK ACCOUNTS student version* and apply it onto * Accounts_template*

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Topic: Project Management Office AtekPC

Additional features

Draft required 2 pages + well-structured + cited references


(1) Read the case study (AtekPC Project Management Office) carefully, and probably more than one time. Develop a good understanding of the context and the issue(s) confronting AtekPC as they attempt to establish a Project Management Office (PMO).

(2) Prepare a written response which clearly includes

(a) an overview/summary of the case and

(b) a recommended course of action or solution that addresses the issues faced by AtekPC.

A good response will integrate course content that has been presented up to this point in the term and will also be supported by diagrams, charts, and any other method of illustrating sound project management practices and/or a solution to the case.

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Topic: Digital Marketing(case study)

Task The learning outcomes and skills to be achieved: Learning outcomes:

1. Respond to the dynamic geopolitical, regulatory, technological and sociological environment, both strategically and tactically, through the use of marketing theory, concepts and practices

2. Understand the importance of integrating both traditional marketing communication tools with online tools.

Case Study Pandora: Wherever Life Takes You, Take it With You Pandora developed its markets from a single store in Copenhagen, Denmark, into an international jewellery brand. Having established a manufacturing base in Thailand, Per and Winne Enevoldsen—who founded the company—concentrated on building their business through wholesale jewellery markets. They focused on the products and introduced the Pandora charm bracelet into Denmark, where it was a great success, and then moved on to Germany, Austria and the USA. The innovativeness of the product, positioned at affordable prices, enabled Pandora to develop these markets quickly. More factories were opened in Thailand, and a vertically integrated system—in-house designers, the company’s own factories and retail stores and franchises—was used to service the increased demand. The company continued to use its products to reinforce the brand’s market position. Its ‘Wherever life takes you, take it with you’ campaign aimed to encourage loyalty from existing customers, who were targeted to build up their collection of Pandora products as keepsakes of the special moments in their lives. For the future, Pandora has a strategic vision, which is ‘to become the world’s most recognised jewellery brand’. Its marketing plan involves continuing to position the brand as affordable, good quality jewellery, but to develop the product portfolio beyond the bracelets and charms into rings, earrings and necklaces (Jobber and Ellis-Chadwick, 2016) Scenario As a newly joined marketing assistant of Pandora digital marketing team in the UK, you have been asked by the director to write a report (1500 words+/- 10%) addressing the following key tasks: Task 1: Digital marketing environment a. Analyse Pandora’s digital marketing environment and discuss how Pandora to continue to position the brand as affordable, good quality jewellery online. Analyse macro, micro and internal environmental factors that impact Pandora’s digital marketing decisions. Discuss how these factors create opportunities/threats and strength/weaknesses. Task 2: Digital Marketing strategy Looking to the future vision of Pandora, which is ‘to become the world’s most recognised jewellery brand’. It plans to position the brand as affordable, good quality jewellery, but to develop new products. You are required to: a. Evaluate the key segmentation criteria that Pandora should use to target the right segment in the UK and propose distinctive positioning for the new product. b. Propose an online marketing communication for the launch of the new product (rings, earrings or necklaces). Make reference to appropriate marketing theories and models that apply and explain digital marketing planning. Students will need to complete a cover sheet and complete references.

Type of service:-Academic paper writing

Type of assignment:-Case study


Pages / words:-6 / 1500

Number of sources:-13

Academic level:-Undergraduate

Paper format:-Harvard

Line spacing:-Double

Language style:-UK English

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Topic: Risk and Value Management Assignment Scenario

Assignment Scenario

Choose an industry and a specific product. You are a project manager in Againstay Ltd. which manufactures the specific, named product you have chosen. The main business of your company is the manufacture of the named product which is distributed throughout the UK and Europe.

Your company’s factory is situated inside the Industrial Park of Bexitt town in the UK and is close to three housing estates and a small village, which in total have a population of about 3000 people (See map below). River Proeuro passes directly alongside your factory’s site boundary. The river is a successful habitat for several kinds of fish and supports a thriving local small-scale fishing industry.

/Users/tahidulchowdhury/Desktop/Screenshot 2020-03-25 at 20.52.28 1.png

Your company is struggling to meet the very huge increase in the demand for its products from other European countries. As a result, some of the company’s shareholders have proposed the expansion of the factory and production facilities to take advantage of the growing demand and increase its market share. This expansion will involve considerable new factory building works and the installation of new state of the art factory equipment as well as the upgrading of existing equipment and IT systems.

Most of the equipment and IT systems will be imported from other European countries. It is envisaged that, as a result of the flooding and explosion incidents in recent times in your factory which adversely affected the local population, a significant section of the community might object to any extension of your factory facilities and expansion of your production activities.

Other shareholders have made different proposals including building another factory in Eastern Europe to meet the current demand.

You are required to carry out the following tasks:

1) Prepare a Need Verification for the proposed extension and expansion at your

Bexxit site.

(20 marks)

2) Assuming the board of directors of your company has approved the proposed extension and expansion project after considering all the proposals, identify and profile the possible risks which can affect the project and prepare a quantitative assessment of the risks using an appropriate risk register.

(40 marks)

3) Three years after the completion of the expansion project, your organisation’s

post-expansion rise in market share has started to fall with a negative effect on

both revenue and profits.

Provide a detailed value chain analysis of your company’s business with a view

to reversing the fall in revenue and profits.

(30 marks)

The maximum word count for this assignment is 2000 words

Marking Scheme

Task 1

Need verification providing a detailed business case


Task 2

Identification and brief profiles of appropriate risks 10%

Quantitative risk analysis with appropriate responses using an

appropriate risk register


Task 3

Clear identification of a business-specific value chain

(not a generic value chain) for your company (10%)

Identification of possible non-value –adding activities and suggestion

of appropriate value-adding improvements (20%)

Overall Presentation –demonstration of analysis and

communication skills; appropriate formatting of report; quality

of references using the Harvard style and free from plagiarism (10%)

Topic: A REPORT on a case study of “Apple’s iPhone 11 Has a New Feature: A Lower Price”


The report should be 2,500 words in length. Marks are allocated for each question and sub-question as indicated below.

Harvard referencing should be utilised with marks deducted if it is not used. Diagrams should not be copied and pasted, but drawn and labelled using the Word drawing facilities.

Word equation editor is to be used where appropriate.

One Word document which will contain your answers to the questions and one Excel spreadsheet showing your workings for obtaining the FRED graph.

Questions: (30 marks)

  1. Why is an understanding of the price elasticity of demand important for a firm like Apple when launching a new product?

5 marks

  • What do you think are the main determinants of the price elasticity of demand for the Apple iPhone?

5 marks

  • According to the article, Apple launched the iPhone 11 at a price of $700. Assume sales in the first year following launch generated 10 million units in sales. In the second year, Apple reduces the price to $525 and sales that year total 14 million units. Calculate the price elasticity of demand for the iPhone 11 based on these figures. Did Apple benefit in terms of revenue from reducing prices? Explain.

6 marks

  • Given the low barriers to entry and exit in the games industry, can Apple Arcade gain a competitive advantage over their rivals? Explain with the use of a perfectlycompetitive market model.

7 marks

  • To what extent does Apple’s rebranding strategy support its brand position against competitors?

7 marks

Topic: Zillow casestudy


Real Estate

Do NOT use quotations – everything should be written in your own words.

Visit, which is a real estate website with a database behind it. Critically assess the site from a database perspective.

Look at it from a specific view (consumer, database manager, database administrator, data collector, security manager, realtor, manager, stockholder, etc., etc., etc.) Pick one view and run with it.

If you prefer, you may evaluate the potential impact of this database including from a nontechnical (societal, political and/or economic) and/or managerial standpoint.

Type of service:-Academic paper writing

Type of assignment:-Case study

Subject:-Not defined

Pages / words:-1 / 275

Number of sources:-2

Academic level:-Freshman (College 1st year)

Paper format:-APA

Line spacing:-Double

Language style:-US English

Topic: Boeing-Case Study


Required elements: 5 pages minimum, double-spaced, Times New Roman, 11/ 12 point font.

Please include a cover page with your name, course, and instructor’s name.

Submission should follow APA format.

Your case study response should include the following elements:

Summary of important details of the case Identification of the key decision-maker/makers and the basic decision she/he has to make Identification of the fundamental management/

and or communication challenge the decision-maker faces Concluding thoughts/ Lessons Learned