Topic: Leadership in nursing research essay






Unit 8: End of unit activity

Top of Form

Reflect upon the range of activities considered in this unit.   Think of the styles of leadership you value, and why they seem to you to have more merit. Summarise these views in 200 words. 


RE: Unit 8: End of unit activity

Top of Form

I believe that being a successful progressive leader requires one to be knowledgeable on all leadership approaches equally, not only be an expert in the approach that works best. For example, I mostly value a transformational/charismatic approach and utilize elements of it such as inspirational motivation and being adaptable and receptive (democratic). However, it is a weakness, as I have experienced, to not be fully aware of the benefits of other leadership approaches like that of a transactional one. The latter being simply directive and practical (focused only on goals) is very helpful because under certain circumstances only one voice in the team needs to be heard in order to achieve the utmost clarity. For myself, being eclectic, in terms of management, has proven to be ideal for sizable and extremely diverse organizations. Ultimately, I have found that elements of a transformational approach have more merit as they have consistently proven to improve the efficacy of my clinical unit as we employ a good degree of followership while safeguarding everyone’s autonomy, job satisfaction, and sound interpersonal relationships between leaders and followers.

Example 2 answer

RE: Unit 8: End of unit activity

Top of Form

Transformational leadership promotes followers and leaders sharing the same goal. It entails inspiring others to be motivated, successful and achieve not only what is best for themselves and the organisation , but most importantly ensuring the patients receive the best care possible (Gopee and Galloway 2017).

 Transformational leadership encourages a multidisciplinary approach to patient care (Murphy 2005), within radiology this is such an important skill as most of our day to day care of patients involves interprofessional working.

 Another important note from the theory of transformational leadership is that we encourage others to exercise leadership , and make our followers believe that they can achieve their aims (Gopee and Galloway). I believe that self-belief and motivation are essential in aiding staff moral. High levels of staff morale and good standards of patient care are positively linked (Finlayson 2002), so its important we instil these beliefs in our followers.

Its important to say that leadership styles can change with the circumstances that your are in , and that although I tend to use transformational approach , if the need comes and there is an emergency situation , then a more directive approach will be used (Gopee and Galloway 2017).

Finlayson , B. (2002) Counting the Smiles – Morale and Motivation in the NHS. Accessed on 6th March 2020.

Goppe, N. and Galloway, J. (2014). Leadership and management in healthcare. London: SAGE Publications Ltd.

Murphy, L. (2005) ‘Transformational Leadership : A Cascading Chain Reaction. Journal of Nursing Management. 13(2) pp28-31.


Unit 9: End of unit activity

Top of Form

There are three distinct elements to this activity, but perhaps the unit has already revealed they are linked.

First, think of networking opportunities that you might be able to undertake in your current role. Do these allow for you to make a more fully-informed contribution to the area in which you work?

Second, within or beyond the discipline from which you come or your current role, what opportunities do you have to network outside the organisation? 

Third, in your current role or the one you envisage for the near future, how might you be able to promote networking opportunities for others?  Will they aid team working and assist in team building? 

Share your thoughts on these questions. 150words

Example 1answer

RE: Unit 9: End of unit activity

Top of Form

I believe that joining the organization’s monthly meetings, although optional, is one networking opportunity that proved to be beneficial as it helped contribute to my unit by disseminating information from higher management, and in many times that information itself relates to other networking opportunities for staff from all levels. Personally, I think it is ideal an networking opportunity to create/join a middle manager group that comes from various units where its leaders can discuss higher management decisions and implement those decisions in a cohesive manner – ultimately building a bridge between higher management and front-line employees. Such a group is another aspect of collaborative leadership and teamwork that is important for team development. I also believe that making a ‘middle manager’ group an open one for any staff member to join is a good idea that promotes networking. Overall, networking benefits any organization by reducing stress and potential dispute between staff members.


Unit 9 Activity 9.1

Top of Form

Watch the video that reiterates the importance of the ways in which you communicate. It is possible you may find the video fairly basic, but it may be an important reminder for you too. Even one theme that is helpful will make it worthwhile. Record any notes in your Personal Blog and discuss with others on the Discussion Board the ways in which you communicate. 150 words


RE: Unit 9 Activity 9.1

Top of Form

Communication means transferring thoughts, information, emotion and ideas through gesture, voice, symbols, signs and expressions from one person to another. Three things are most important and essential in any communication process they are Sender, Receiver and the Channel ( 2020). In my line of work, I use both verbal and non-verbal lines of communication. As leaders its vital we communicate well, in all shapes and forms. When using verbal communication you can use the tone in which the person says it to decipher the context , when it comes to written communication it can be taken in a matter of ways , so its important to use clear and concise language so that its interpreted how its intended (Gopee and Galloway 2017).

Communication Theory (2020) Available at : Accessed on 23rd March 2020

Goppe, N. and Galloway, J. (2014). Leadership and management in healthcare. London: SAGE Publications Ltd.

Unit 9 Activity 9.2


Top of Form

Read the chapter on Communication and Leadership in Barr and Dowding (2012) book Leadership in Health Care p.113-140.

This is a wide-ranging chapter, and you may find that particular elements appeal to you whereas others are already familiar. However, the sections on active listening, on links to motivation and the idea that leadership communication is most effective if you are at the core of a communication network are ones we may all find important. 

share thoughts. 200 words

Example 1

RE: Unit 9 Activity 9.2

Top of Form

The chapter shows how important effective communication is, and how easily things can be taken in the wrong context if poorly communicated. As leaders often we have to cascade information down to our teams and it may go through many different avenues to get to everyone intended. Its important that the information is clear and concise, so the message doesn’t get distorted as it goes down the line.

 Our goal as leaders is to work as a team to complete the task, for a team to work together efficiently there must be a good level of communication (Gopee and Galloway 2017) Adair (2003) and others show the importance of motivating your team with good communication.

I found the section on adapting your communication style very interesting. Its something that you do without even realising. Within department I see and communicate with so many different people each day, and without realising often change the style I communicate depending on the situation.

Active listening is a way of listening and responding to another individual to improve mutual understanding. It shows how important listening is , it minimises misunderstandings , enforces others to listen and offers people and opportunity to truly open up. I found this section an interesting read and will use the skills from this chapter to practice better active listening.

Adair, J. (2013) Develop Your Leadership Skills. 2nd Edn. Croydon: Kogan Page

Goppe, N. and Galloway, J. (2014). Leadership and management in healthcare. London: SAGE Publications Ltd.

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Topic: Define a Partnership. Discuss the issue of liability in a partnership.


(Class: BAM 223, Principles of Economics)
Use standard essay format and must have at least 3 paragraphs (ie Intro, body and conclusion).
Responses must be double spaced using a standard font (ie Times New Roman) and 12 point type size. use A.P.A. style citations
Please ONLY reference:
Essentials of Economics 4th Edition, 2015
ISBN-13: 9780133543391
Author(s): R. Glenn Hubbard and Anthony Patrick O’Brien

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Topic: Organizational Behavior Analysis


Influence by Type of Culture (Discuss Pluralism, Dualism and/or the Salad bowl culture.

Information in the parenthesis is not a heading.

It is part of the content for the section. )

-Influence by Nature of Authority
-Influence by Modes of Communication
-Influence by Virtual Elements
-Influence by Motivational Techniques
-Influence by Emotional Intelligence (5 Components)

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Topic: H&M logistics management essay

For your reference, the following is a summary of dialogue exchange in the Zoom meetings and email communications:

Q1: Albert, could you give us some guidelines about the “green issues of H&M” to be studied in CW2 ?

Answer: OK, I will revise the “additional guidelines” posted on the module website and add a few useful references to help you finish this part in CW2.

Q2: Albert, could you please explain it, the green/environmental issues, more precisely for us? I have read some online materials about H&M’s sustainability report. Is my approach correct to just describe or study H&M’s sustainability efforts?

Answer: Actually, green issues are external pressures that can affect H&M’s business strategy as well as related logistics activities. A better approach is studying the current customer or public needs regarding green issues of fast fashion industry. And, find out the changes already taken place in H&M and discern what changes should be made in future if H&M want to increase its competitiveness.

Q3: CW2 requires us to create two maps (or diagrams). One for upstream activities and the other one for downstream activities. Please explain the meaning of upstream activities as well as downstream activities. And, where to begin and how to do it?

Answer: Upstream activities means “sourcing activities”. So, the map for upstream activities displays the distribution of H&M suppliers (or production partners). And, in our module website, I have posted two demo video files. The first one teach you where to download H&M’s supplier list and how to find out the numbers of suppliers by country using Excel. Actually, I have also posted the resulting distribution table on the module website. The second video clip teaches you how to produce a map showing the distribution of H&M’s suppliers in different countries on a world map using a freeware called INFOGRAM. You should copy and paste this map onto your CW2 report (and also indicate the source or the access link of your interactive map). Some students told me that they took only 10 mins. to create the first map.

The map for downstream activities should display the distribution of H&M’s retail stores on the world map. The minimum requirement is showing numbers of retail stores by country. By the way, a FT student told me that he could produce a map showing the number of retail stores by smaller region (i.e. province). It would be good but the min. requirement is showing number of stores by country only.

Q4: Albert, could you please brief us the suggested report layout?


In the “introduction” section, word count requirement is 500 (with allowable deviation of 20%). First, you may write one or even a few paragraphs about the macro-view or nature of current fashion industry (e.g. short lifecycles, low predictability, high impulse purchasing, etc).

The second part is one or more paragraphs about H&M (e.g. business model or concept, ranking or market share, financial performance, etc). The last part is a statement describing the purpose of your case study (i.e. investigating the current logistics management practices of H&M ….)

The second section is “Studying different aspects of H&M’s logistics management”. You just need to describe what relevant facts you found in each sub-section. Don’t use point form that each point is composed of one or two sentences only. Better to use paragraph structure and if possible, keep each paragraph to only one main idea. Generally, a paragraph should be at least 4 sentences. Of course, you may give short comments or interpretations in this part (but, please don’t focus your analysis in this part).

You should focus your analysis in “Discussion” section. Identify the key problems or issues to be discussed in this part. Why do they exist? How do they impact the company?

Conclusion is a brief summary of the key findings and key issues only

In recommendation section, recommend further action to resolve “some of the issues”.

Lastly, about referencing style, you should provide (1) sufficient in-text citation in “introduction”, “Logistics Management of H&M” and “Discussion” parts and (2) use Harvard Referencing Style for the list of references. Please don’t just copy and paste the reference links (I gave you) to the reference page of your report. Otherwise, 5 marks will be deducted according to previous Coventry’s moderation comments.

Q5: Albert, please explain the word count requirement to us more precisely.

Answer: The total word count requirement is 3000 words, but I accept max. deviation of 20% (i.e. word count ranges from 2400 to 3600).

Q6: Regarding the H&M supplier list, I found that the latest one posted on H&M website was dated22/Mar. But, the supplier list, available on the module website was dated 9/Mar and some figures are different. Which one should I use?

Answer: Actually, H&M will update the supplier list every week or month. So, you may download the latest one from H&M website to produce the H&M supplier distribution map.  Or, it would be fine to use the supplier list posted on our module website on 9/Mar. We accept minor differences.

Topic: Development of effective practice


Demonstrate understanding of the complexities and diversity required in teaching and assessment of/for learning.

Need to demonstrate awareness of how children learn, basic philosophical principles underlying educational theory and teaching practice.

Critically analyse how you have used a range of assessment strategies (formative and summative) to effectively track pupil progress over a sequence of lessons, for example, a half term or a module.

Evaluate how successful the learning was, with reference to relevant scholarship and theory.

What changes would you make next time?

Topic: Self-Managing Teams in S.C. Johnson & Son


Many have strong views on self-managed teams (SMTs) – they are either perceived as great resources or viewed as a complete waste of time and detrimental to an organization.

With this in mind, evaluate the SMT process put together by S. C. Johnson Companies South America as explained in Chapter 31 (Rainieri, 2018) and its potential for success in other parts of the globe.

As part of your evaluation, explain the considerations or adjustments that were made for the implementation of these teams at company’s location in Chile, and how these differed from processes in other locations.

Conclude your evaluation with recommendations for SMT processes or components that could contribute to greater success of SMTs throughout the world.

The paper should have a relevant introduction outlining what topics will be discussed. Concluded with a strong conclusion that takes a stance supporting your critical thinking.

Do not simply rewrite the introduction in the conclusion. Cite a minimum of 6 scholarly sources to support your positions, claims, and observations (Please use 2 of the provided sources (the word doc and 1 other).

The paper should also have relevant subheadings for each topic discussed. Each paragraph should be 4-6 sentences long and supported by a minimum of 1-2 in-text citations in each paragraph.

Please write assignment proficiently meaning all points need to be well supported. Also, write concisely, no run-on sentences and use graduate level language please.

Topic: Establishing a Strategic Leadership Team


Scenario: You have been functioning in your COO role for several months and have a relatively solid understanding of the leadership styles present in the organization.

The CEO has requested that you develop a strategic leadership team to design the new 5-year strategic plan for the organization.

He would like you to assess the different styles of leadership present in the organization and how these styles would complement one another as a synergistic team.

The CEO would also like you to search strategic leadership models present in other industries (e.g., business) and whether there are take-aways from these models that would be appropriate for the healthcare setting. Is transformational leadership the only effective leadership style?

How do leadership styles complement one another?

What leadership styles would be beneficial for the strategic leadership team?

The memo should be at least 1, but no more than 2 pages, single-spaced.

Use terms, evidence, and concepts from class readings.
You need to cite at least 3 sources for this assignment, outside of the textbook

Topic: Internships: Opportunity or Exploitation?



1. Suppose a publishing company wants to hire an intern to help the company catch up with its paperwork over the summer.

Who would be affected by this decision? What would be the benefits or harm to each person?

2. How could a well-designed training program help make this idea meet ethical as well as legal standards?

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Topic: Compensation Evaluation reaction paper


You were hired to work as a HR consultant for a small local hospital, with the task of expanding the workforce of certified medical assistants. Looking at the current three employees, you find a discrepancy in compensation between Susi, a 2-year employee at $28,000; Tom, 5-year employee at $27,000; and Raul, a 10-year employee at $33,000. All are employed as certified medical assistants, yet they all earn different salaries. According to survey data, all three employees are below the market rate for this job in the local job market. All three employees are also exemplary employees with near perfect scores in their most recent performance evaluation.

Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper that includes the following:

Explain the discrepancy in pay among the current employees.
Describe the strategy you would take to correct the internal equity issue.
Describe the strategy you would take to correct the external equity issue.
Explain how you will ensure new hires will be paid equitably, both internally and externally.
Explain how an organization’s Total Compensation strategy affects its financial operations and its ability to attract, motivate, and retain top talent.

Cite all sources according to APA formatting guidelines.

Topic: CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility


please describe benefits of implementing Corporate Social Responsibility bring and the positive impact CSR activity
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