Topic: SISCO’s Board committees


Talk about the board committees of SISCO company ( and its compliance with The Saudi corporate Governance Regulation ( regarding the Committees formations and responsibilities and conclude with the potential improvement in reference to the international standards of corporate governance.

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Topic: representations in violence


A central questions for the next two weeks is: How do we represent violence through art, memorialization, and other means. This should really make us think about the connections between the aesthetic and the political.

Write a brief response (not a summary) reflecting on one of the readings for the week.

Type of service-:Academic paper writing
Type of assignment -: Reaction paper
Subject -: Political Science
Pages / words -: 1 / 550
Academic level -: Junior (College 3rd year)
Paper format -: MLA
Line spacing -: Single
Language style -: US English

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Topic: Micro-teaching paper


On a separate 7 pages, in essay style ( with a clear introduction and conclusion) demonstrate your understanding of the concepts covered in this course by providing justification for your lesson plan choices. Add the following areas:
1. Description of your Context/Learner: be specific about the age, level, cultural background, size of the class, individual needs, the purpose of study, course design, etc. (1-2page)

2. Explanation of Each Activity: briefly step by step how each activity in the lesson plan works, what its function is within the overall lesson/objective, and thoroughly explain how it serves the needs/ context of the learners, what theoretical justification you found for this approach/type of activity, and which competency the activity builds ( 6 pages)

3. Evaluation Measurement: explain a possible way you might measure or assess whether the students have mastered the language function (1/2 page)

4. Bibliography:
You should use at least 6 external sources for this plan. As well as citing sources that you used in your rationale and theoretical justification.

Type of service-Academic paper writing
Type of assignment-Essay
Pages / words-7 / 1925
Number of sources-6
Academic level-Junior (College 3rd year)
Paper format-APA
Line spacing-Double

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Topic: “Left and Right in the Age of Trump”


Write a minimum of four pages, double-spaced, as a substitute essay which will be worth half of the final exam.

Thought experiment (based on a true story): “An authoritarian ruler has subverted your country’s democracy and, with foreign assistance, made use of technology to propagate disinformation that renders your country’s population suitably disposed for authoritarian rule by oligarchs.

How do you spearhead a resistance to overthrow that authoritarian ruler (who is busy consolidating power and removing all opposition) and to restore democratic government involving the participation of and compromise between parties with different views (including left and right)?”

Attend “Left and Right in the Age of Trump”, the Tuesday, March 10th lecture in Northwest Auditorium, from 6pm to 8pm, and be sure to incorporate what you learn from the two speakers (and the ensuing discussion) into your essay’s answer. Also write your essay to incorporate anything you have learned from this course about critical thinking.

“Left and Right in the Age of Trump”
(TWU Northwest Auditorium, Tuesday, March 10th, 6pm to 8pm)
Professors Grant Havers and Christopher Morrissey
(Department of Philosophy)

The election of Donald Trump to the presidency in 2016 sent out a signal that it is no longer politics as usual. In fact, the Trump era presents an unprecedented challenge to contemporary definitions of Left and Right.

The populism which is the basis of the Trump presidency has put the political establishment on the defensive. In this public lecture, Professors Grant Havers and Christopher Morrissey will explain how the ideology of this populism radically differs from both mainstream liberalism and conservatism. Join us for a lively evening of discussion!

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Topic: NSA spying and comparing it to ethics


This paper will be separated into two parts :

The part 1: of your paper will be the arguments for all sides of the issue, put into your own words. Start by giving me an overview of the topic, then I want you to give me a detailed explanation of the arguments for each side of the issue. Use the good sources you found and put what they said into your own words. Be careful: If I can predict what your view is on the topic while I’m reading this section, you will be counted off. This section is for you to explain to me what OTHER PEOPLE say/think about the issue, not what you think about the issue.
part 2:
The second section is where your personal opinion should be found. In this section, I want you to lay out your views of the topic for me in a logical, consistent, and detailed manner, using the ethical systems we discussed in the first two weeks. include Ethical Egoism, utilitarianism, kants theory, the social contract theory part 2. Tell me which side of the debate you agree with, and why. You are allowed to choose neither side or some middle ground, as long as you can justify it. Explain to me why you like or dislike each side, but don’t use vague language.

Topic: Electrical systems safety Engineering.

Describe an incident or injury

involving someone known as “the most knowledgeable

or most conscientious member of the crew”.

What was the organization’s reaction?

In a 550 word document double spaced respond to the above instructions and produce an essay n APA

Topic: autobiography


What aspects of your life affected your development as a learner? Consider experiences from preschool, elementary school, high school, college, and graduate school.
Which of these theories, philosophies, and principles were embodied by the teachers you previously had? How did these enhance or inhibit your development as a learner?
What insights have you gained from these events that could help you consider the dos and don’ts in your own teaching practice?
How have these events affected your current educational practice?
What lessons will you consider in your work based on your reflections about your own development as an adult?
Now that you have factored for your foundational learning experiences and reflected on the literature, consider your personal teaching philosophy. How have your individual learning experiences, coupled with your integration of key principles you are learning here, influenced your personal philosophy?

For part two of this assignment, imagine that you are being interviewed for a job as an adult educator. The interviewer asks you to define your personal teaching philosophy. Write a paragraph or two explaining your personal teaching philosophy as you would in a job interview.

Assignment Expectations
To complete this assignment successfully, you will be expected to:

Reflect on your personal learning experiences.
Analyze the potential impact of personal attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors on individual teaching practice.
Identify events that have influenced your personal philosophy.
Integrate individual learning experiences to create a personal teaching philosophy.
Communicate knowledge in a manner that is concise, balanced, and logically organized. Apply current APA style and formatting.

I am a registered nurse, currently teaching new nursing students { Fundamentals of nursing). I am orginally from Jamaican West Indies. Came to USA in 1993 as a pre-teen.
Practice as medical surgical nursing.
# years now in nursing education.
MAters as an Adult practitioner

How to write an essay outline for university


The outline for the essay is said to be the best friend of any writer. It is the skeleton of the writer’s ideas. Essay outlines should summarize the intended contents of the essay. It assists the writer to put together his/her thoughts in a coherent manner making it sensible.

Some institutions actually require seeing the essay outline before the presentation of the actual essay as proof that the writer actually put in work. Examples of types of outlines are:

  1. Basic outline structure
  2. Expository essay outline
  3. Argumentative essay outline
  4. Narrative essay outline

Writers may use the above types of outlines as guidelines to write their essays. They prevent any omission of information that is important in the essay. Outlining a paper before actually starting to write it helps ensure the paper has a clear overall structure forward momentum.

A strong and good outline details each topic and subtopic in the paper organizing points in a sequential manner so that they build up your argument towards its conclusion. Writing from an outline also helps avoid underdeveloped paragraphs.

A writer writing without an outline is compared to a construction manager working on a skyscraper without a set of blueprints which is practically impossible.

Drawing up an outline enables writers to think before they write to prevent future regret for “freewriting’. Future insertions may be done but this is equal to adding thicker foundation to a building already built. It will never be as good as if done in the correct way and time.

The climatic arrangement which works up to a ‘grand finale’ is among the best to use as an outline to writing an essay.