Topic: arguments both for and against the concept of intellectual property based on ethical considerations

In this assignment, you are to write arguments both for and against the concept of intellectual property based on ethical considerations.

Your presentation should have five sections:

  • Section 1: your introduction,
  • Section 2: an argument for the concept of intellectual property based on normative ethical principles from whatever school or schools you would like to use,
  • Section 3: a similar type of argument against the concept of intellectual property,
  • Section 4: your conclusion, which should include your personal stance, and
  • Section 5: your references, which should include all five of the ones listed later in this assignment.

For your arguments and your conclusion, you can mix whatever systems you like, but please be careful to name a system whenever you reference one.

In particular, it is more challenging to make strong non-consequentialist arguments for the creation of the idea of intellectual property. If you are looking for a challenge with this assignment, I believe that this would be an interesting area to explore — look closely at the von Gunten piece (source 4) and the Harvard Bridge group piece (source 5) in the source list.

Both list traditional non-consequentialist arguments for intellectual property, and also give refutations to some of these arguments.

Sections 1 through 4 should each have sufficient material to adequately cover the area. As guidelines, your introduction should have at least three paragraphs (statement of the problem, summary of arguments for, and a summary of arguments against).

Your arguments for should have at least five paragraphs (statement of what normative basis or bases that you plan to use, three paragraphs of argument, and summary of the ethical analysis.) Your arguments against likewise should have at least five paragraphs.

Your conclusion can be brief or comprehensive, but it does need to include your own stance (though of course this can be a nuanced position since this a very broad topic and it has a vast number of aspects, both legal and ethical.)

Please read and refer to the following works:

  1. Intellectual Property (background article from Stanford’s Plato site)
  2. Ideas Are Free: The Case Against Intellectual Property, by Kinsell
  3. The Case Against Intellectual Property, Boldrin and Levine (note that this link is to JSTOR, and you will likely need to use a campus network address to access this)
  4. Intellectual Property is Common Property, von Gunten
  5. Philosophic Perspectives on Intellectual Property, Harvard’s Bridge group.

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Topic: Police & gangs, homelessness, mental illness


Watch the following video:

As you will see, there is a correlation between homelessness, mental illness, substance abuse, and even gang association. In other words, someone who is homeless has a greater risk of having a mental illness or a substance abuse problem and vice versa.

Incarceration is not going to solve these problems because once released, homeless people still have nowhere to live, people with addictions still want to abuse substances, people with mental illness still have mental illness, and people in gangs still have connections with others in gangs.

Choose one of these groups and write how the criminal justice system can best help them.

What resources should they provide?

How should police respond to these individuals?

How should the legal system handle them?

Where should federal funding be directed – since we know that incarceration is not reducing the problem, where should the money be spent to make a significant difference for these individuals?

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For this assignment, you will select an actual issue or practice in the criminal justice system to research and restructure as a new and/or improved model for delivering justice services.

You cleared your issue or practice with your instructor. (I ATTACHED APPROVAL WITH ADDITIONAL DETAILS)
You should now construct your analysis as your final course project.

This activity is based on the Integration Principle where you define a topic, research and discuss it, and synthesize your new knowledge to create a new whole.

In this particular application, you will create a new plan or method that improves or remakes a model or system in the field of Criminal Justice.

Activity Instructions
Research the current practice or practice, find aspects of it that are worth continuing, define areas for improvement, and then offer a new and/or improved model or system for delivering justice services.

This issue or practice should be one that lends itself to debate and has real world application.
Minimum of 5 academic resources (academic journals and other library resources)

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Subject-Not defined
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Topic: Should Professional Nursing Organizations take a Position on Gun Violence Legislation CONS


Write one page paper on why professional nursing organizations should not take a position on gun violence legislation.

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Pages / words:-1 / 275

Number of sources:-2

Academic level:-Senior (College 4th year)

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Juvenile delinquency essay


Compose an essay of 500 – 700 words that identifies and describes at least two (2) landmark court decisions directly related to the way the criminal justice system must handle a juvenile offender.

As part of your discussion, explain the key differences in how a juvenile offender is handled by the criminal justice system as opposed to an adult offender as a result of these landmark court cases, being sure to highlight the reasoning behind these differences.

Directly quoted material may be used, but will not count towards the minimum word count.

Be sure to support your response with cited scholarly resources as required by APA.

A minimum of three (3) peer-reviewed scholarly sources must be used when composing your response.

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Topic: State Crime and Immorality


Organised Crime Case Study: Global Drug Trafficking

The essay takes the form of a case study on one of the distinct areas of criminality discussed on the module. For example, it could be a case study in state crime, or crimes of the powerful, political crime or health crime etc.

As part of the case study you not only have to demonstrate what happened, but you also have to justify why it is an appropriate example of a particular type of crime.

You should ask yourself a version of the following: Why is something a state crime and not organised crime or is it both?

De Keseredy (2011:69) states that “the most common technique of gathering data on crimes of the powerful, such as state and corporate crime, is the case study method”.

In this respect, case studies are detailed examinations of specific outcomes, events or processes that occur over varying periods of time.

Topic: Criminal Justice Process


Scenario: You have just begun your first job in the criminal justice system as a victim’s advocate for the prosecutor’s office at your local county. Review the What Is a Victim Advocate? (Links to an external site.) job description for more information.

You have been assigned Virginia Sufferer as your first person to guide through the criminal justice process from beginning through trial. She was the victim of an alleged burglary at her place of residence. Defendant Accused was arrested by warrant after Sufferer picked him out of a line up after seeing him leaving her apartment on the day of the burglary. Accused was known to the police for his prior arrests and convictions for the sale of narcotics. Police searched his home when they served the arrest warrant and found two pieces of jewelry that belonged to Sufferer. Accused was interrogated at the police station and did not admit to the crime. When questioning began at the police station, Accused asked to speak to a lawyer, but no attorney was provided.

You will present a paper that details the entire criminal justice process for a felony criminal charge for Ms. Sufferer’s benefit to understand what to expect as her case moves through the system. Make sure that you explain how the system seeks to balance effectiveness of the system, in your opinion, and provide her with your opinions on how the system can be improved.

In your paper,
Summarize all of the steps between arrest, pre-trial, trial, and appeals for the victim.
Explain to Ms. Sufferer the contingencies for each stage of the proceedings.
Address all possible outcomes.
Analyze the constitutional protections that Accused’s lawyer may be able to use as a defense at each stage of the proceeding.
Evaluate for the victim both the effectiveness of the system in dealing with criminal prosecutions
Express your ideas for changes or improvements to the system.
Provide Ms. Sufferer your recommendations to make the system fairer for all those involved.

The National Center for Victims of Crime. (2008). What is a victim advocate? (Links to an external site.) Retrieved from

Nichols, W. P. (n.d.). Steps in a criminal case (Links to an external site.). Retrieved from

Roach, K. (1999). Four models of the criminal process (Links to an external site.). Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology, 89(2), 671-716. doi:10.2307/1144140

Topic: Excessive Military Spending


For the research paper assignment, it has to be clear how excessive military spending is itself an injustice.

You can certainly talk about the problems that China has exacerbated in the region, and the injustices their military has made possible (Tibet, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South China Sea).

This paper does not really show who is being hurt.

To understand the issue as an injustice, make sure you put people at the forefront.

How, specifically, does Chinese military spending hurt Taiwan (it certainly does, but be explicit here).

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Subject :- Philosophy

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Topic: Psychological effects of imprisonment


Are the effects and ‘pains’ of imprisonment gendered?

Drawing on research evidence, critically discuss the ways in which imprisonment may affect men and women differently.

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Type of assignment:-Essay


Pages / words:-6 / 1500

Number of sources:-10

Academic level:-Undergraduate

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Topic: Serial murder offender


Discuss if the offender fits the common profile of the serial murder offender. This requires much more than providing a biography of the serial killer.
Apply a typology used in the text and apply it to the offender. In doing so, explain how the offender aligns with the typology.
Discuss how the particular offender’s crimes were solved (if applicable: if they were unresolved, discuss this, too); and the resolution of the case.
Cite sources using APA format.

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Type of assignment: Coursework


Pages / words: 2 / 550

Number of sources:2

Academic level: Undergraduate

Paper format: APA

Line spacing: Double

Language style : US English