Topic: House of Representatives Internet Activity


House of Representatives Internet Activity
This activity will allow you to learn about the member of the House of Representatives who represents you in Congress.

Visit the Vote Smart website . This is a non-partisan website that compiles information on office-holders.

At the top of the page is a search box. Enter your zip code to find out which elected officials represent you.

Note that you need to enter your complete 9-digit zip code to find the correct Representative. If you don’t know your 9-digit zip-code, find out at the Post Office website

When you enter your information, you will see a drop-down menu with politicians who represent you, starting with the President, as well as politicians who are running for office, who are designated with the label “challenger.” Scroll down until you get to your Representative, who will be labeled “U.S. House Incumbent,” and click on the name to select that person. Then, click on the tab below the name that says “Bio.”

The biography page will list professional and political experience, organizations, caucuses, etc. Be sure to expand all of the categories (click on the small arrows) so that all of the information appears under each category heading. Take a look at what other positions, political and non-political, that your Representative has held. He or she may have served in the New York State Assembly or in the New York City Council before running for Congress. The textbook and lecture slides both talk about the committee system. Every member of Congress serves on a few committees, and subcommittees within those committees, working on legislation under their jurisdiction. Check out the “Current Legislative Committees” to see which committees and subcommittees your Representative sits on.

You will probably also see a list of “Caucuses/Non-Legislative Committees” your Representative belongs to. These are voluntary groups that Representatives form and belong to in order to advance particular policy goals or serve the interests of their constituents. Spend some time looking at which caucuses your Representative belongs to, and think about why he or she might have joined those groups. Do they reflect particular issues related to New York City or to the area you live in? Do they reflect particular issue positions? Do they relate to certain groups of people who live in your district (keep in mind that your district will expand beyond your particular neighborhood)?

Follow some of the other links at the top of the page, especially “Ratings” and “Speeches.” Interest group ratings say a lot about a politician’s positions, because they offer a score or grade based on whether that politician has advanced that group’s interests or shared their positions. For instance, if the National Rifle Association gives a Representative an F, you know that person supports gun control.

As you browse through the site, try to use the information to figure out where your representative stands on issues and think about how your Representative’s background and positions fit with the district he/she represents (the area where you live).

Follow the link on the biography page in the left column that says “Washington DC Website” to see your Representative’s official site. This will let you see how your Representative wants to present him or herself to constituents-what kinds of accomplishments are highlighted and what issues are raised?

You will use what you learned about your Representative

The Internet activity gave you a chance to learn about your Representative’s background, positions, the committees and caucuses he/she serves on, interest group ratings, etc. Based on what you learned, do you feel like your congressperson does a good job of representing you and/or your community? Why or why not? Be specific about what led you to your conclusion-what issue positions or caucus memberships or public statements influenced you?

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Topic: Hate crime research essay


Find a current event regarding a hate crime. Discuss what happened, the reason the victim was targeted (race? sexual orientation? disability), and the outcome of the incident.

Regardless of whether or not the offender was caught, how should this person be punished?

Now, imagine that the offender and the victim shared the same characteristic (race, sexual orientation, disability, ect.) and the crime was not considered a hate crime. Should the offender be punished any less?

More generally, why do you think that hate crimes are punished more severely than non-hate crimes?

Discuss why you agree or disagree. (Preferably from the New York times).

Type of service-Academic paper writing
Type of assignment-Research essay
Pages / words-1 / 275
Academic level-Undergraduate
Paper format-MLA
Line spacing-Double
Language style-US English

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What are the positive aspects about the Middle East that should be taught in the U.S (in colleges and high-schools)

Additional features

Draft required 3 pages + well-structured + cited references


Final Paper: You will write a research paper on the on the question of “What are the positive aspects about the Middle East that should be taught in the U.S (in colleges and high-schools) in order to change the misperceptions regarding the Middle East, Islam, and people from the region in general.”

You can use personal examples, anecdotes, or do some ethnographic research for this assignment.

The final analytical paper, 15 pages with citations, will represent the culmination of your research.

It has to have a separate citation section, use any style you pick such as APA, MLA, Chicago, etc. Final paper grade within a category will depend on a combination of the factors listed in the rubric

Type of service-Academic paper writing
Type of assignment-Research Paper
Subject-Not defined
Pages / words-15 / 8250
Academic level-Sophomore (College 2nd year)
Paper format-MLA
Line spacing-Single
Language style-US English

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Topic: Power, Sex and the Body


Task 1: Please prepare a poster using a maximum of Images + 400 words to explain each of the FOUR theoretical perspectives covered in the first 4 sessions.

You MUST attach a bibliography on a separate page (this will not be counted as part of your 400 words). may prepare your poster on powerpoint/word

Task 2: FOR THE 2000 WORD ESSAY:
Critically explore a topic area of your choice in relation to sexuality and/or the body. Your study should include:

• Empirical knowledge and debates;
• Theoretical ideas that contribute to an in-depth understanding of the topic.

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Topic: Supporting Organ Donation

Persuasive essay outline

SupportOrgan donation

Becoming an organ donor after death is not only an important decision for self but also for the life being saved.

Organ donation process


Successful outcomes

main point of organ donation

Supply and demand

Lead to saving lives

Organ trafficking

Donor / receiver criteria

Healthcare responsibility

Tissue rejection

Counter argument : myths; Becoming an organ donor leads to not having the life properly saved or removal of organs without consent due to trafficking.

Justification: Provide the ability to save a life.

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Topic: Understanding and Managing People


Find an article and company policy on one of the topics: OSHA, safety and health concerns, workplace violence, terrorism, or background checks.

The article that you choose should identify a problem that currently exists in an organizational setting.

From the topic that you choose, summarize the concerns identified in the article and compare to the organizational policy that you located.

Discuss whether or not the policy addresses the concerns identified in the article. If so, please support your response.

If not, please support this position as well. In any case, please provide any recommendations you may have regarding information that should be added to be effective in organizations.

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Topic: Indigenous women and human trafficking in Canada


This paper is to focus on how the decisions made my the Canadian government contribute to the risk factors associated with being an Indigenous woman in Canada and the number of missing and murdered women. Looking at the choices in funding, transportation to and from reserves, etc

Type of service-Academic paper writing

Type of assignment-Research Paper

Subject-Social Studies

Pages / words-3 / 825

Number of sources-4

Academic level-Master’s

Paper format-APA

Line spacing-Double

Topic: The Impact of Misalignment and Narrow Focusing in Employment Recruiting

Current Events Paper

Your research assignment for this class will be to choose a staffing current events topic to research. There are three parts to the assignment:

 PART 1:

  • The paper itself (not including the bibliography) should be 4-6, double-spaced pages, prepared in Word.
  • The topic must be directly related to a specific issue covered in the course material or related to selection or recruitment.
  • A list of suggested topics are provided (pre-approved) but you may choose another topic PROVIDED YOU GET APPROVAL NO LATER THAN WEEK 4 OF THE COURSE.
  • In addition to usual requirements for academic grammar and format, including use of the APA 6th edition, students will use appropriate terminology and syntax to produce work rivaling professional quality.

 PART 2:

 The paper will include an annotated bibliography with a minimum of 10 books, magazines and/or journal references on their topic.

  • At least half of the sources are to be no more than two years old. Emphasis must be placed on current events topics that directly the human resource staffing and recruiting function, so several references used should be dated within the last 18 months.
  • At least one reference must provide a theoretical framework to support key points made in the body of the paper.
  • Not more than two academic textbooks will be counted in the total number of references for credit. In addition to writing style, intellectual rigor will be assessed by the variety, depth and professional nature of the sources cited (i.e. professional magazines and journals will score higher than general interest sources and unsupported Internet items.

 PART 3:

The cover of the research paper should include a one page Executive Summary of your research that will not be included in the page number count for the paper.

  • The Executive Summary should assume that you are presenting your work to the CEO of your company and should be written with that level of professional quality.
  • The summary should not just define what your topic is but should clearly state a synopsis of what you found and your own analysis of the research.
  • You should assume that the CEO would not want to read the entire paper and will instead want a summary of your research along with your recommendations for your organization based on what you found.


  1. Use the UMUC Information and Library Services online database collections to search for relevant articles related to your position using the link
  2. Your final paper should be 4 – 6 double-spaced pages, prepared in Word, along with an additional Executive Summary as your cover page. You must have a minimum of 10 sources no less than two scholarly journals included. Sources should not be more than 10 years old and at least half should be not more than 2 years old. All citations and references should be formatted in accordance with APA 6th edition guidelines.
  3. Refer to the grading rubric in the course resources module.

Topic: The challenge of change researchpaper


The challenge of change
What will the operating environment look like in 5-years’ time, and how do we prepare for that environment?

The material you have studied this week can be conveniently summarised into the following overarching statement of the principle that is presented as a basis for this week’s assignment:

Organisations must accept that a continuous pattern of necessary change is an integral element of sustainable growth and development. The scope and scale of required change flows from developments in the character of both internal capability and external operating environment, and these developments are prefaced by change drivers that are classifiable according to parameters of scope, timing and urgency.

A commonplace practice amongst organisations is to react to the impact of change drivers once the full implications of that impact are felt, but a more effective approach is to scenario plan the future in order to more accurately anticipate the emergence of change drivers.

Organisations, and the individuals who work for those organisations, are better able to design and implement an optimally effective change response as a result.

This week’s assignment requires you to reflect on the underlying principles of change that have been discussed this week, and to use those principles to anticipate the possible options that lie in wait for the recently restructured Deseret News organisation.

The key question in this assignment is ‘what will the operating environment look like for this organisation in 5-years’ time, and ‘what does it need to do now to prepare for that environment?’

• Reflect upon the ideas presented in the Week 2 Key Concept Overview and the assigned journal articles.

• Review the case study example of the Deseret News, in Gilbert, Eyring and Foster (2012).

In an approximately 500-word response, address the following issues/questions:

• Use the scenario planning processes described in the article by Konno, Nonaka and Ogilvy (2014a).

In formulating your assignment, consider the following requirements:

• Provide an outline description of what you believe would be a ‘best case’ vision (the set of circumstances that would be most favourable) of what the Deseret News operating environment might conceivably look like 5 years from today.

Include a comment on those aspects of the operating environment that you consider to be particularly influential over the planning decisions the organisation will make today.

• Provide a parallel ‘worst case’ vision (the set of circumstances that would pose the greatest threat), using the same criteria used to develop your best case vision.

• Briefly explain whether you believe the best or worst case scenarios are more likely to develop, providing a justification for your opinion.

• Suggest specific things that Deseret News could do now in order to maximise its capability to cope with either version of the future.

Topic: Testing the Toxicity of Chemicals


When testing for chemical toxicity and saving human lives, most of us would agree that no shortcuts should be taken and no expense spared.

It is also true that some experts believe that live-animal tests are better for toxicity testing than tissue assays (in vivo versus in vitro testing), and human subjects are far superior to animal subjects.

Therein lies the rub! Reflect on your feelings about the resulting conflicts of animal rights, human rights, and balance these against the strengths and weakness of using human volunteers, animal models, and living cells for testing the toxicity of environmental chemicals.

Present a persuasive argument for your viewpoint, yet take care to acknowledge points in favor of the opposing view.

You must back your opinion with cited short quotes from at least two credible sources, and acknowledge the opposing views of an equal number of cited credible sources.