Topic: Rogerian Argument over political advertisements in social media.

Rogerian Argument Assignment Descriptions

Instructions:  For Essay 4, please write an essay of Rogerian argument (3-4full pages) on ONE of the following controversial issues (the given topics):

1)    Should high schools be required to offer students PE class or not?

2)   Should the concealed weapons be allowed on college campus or not?

3)   Should the political advertisements be banned in social media or not?

4)    Should colleges move to using online textbooks or not?

***Outside Sources***

  1. For this research essay, you are required to use at least 3 scholarly sources (you can use more if you need): You must use two different types of sources out of the total sources: So, please consider using sources from:
  2.  peer-reviewed journals, either print or online journals, or in PDF from 2005-2020.
  3.  a university or government sponsored website from 2005-2020. (Looking for .edu or .gov)
  4. a reputable or reliable magazine or newspaper (e.g., Time, Newsweek, U.S. News and World Report, The New Republic, National Review, The Atlantic Monthly, Harper’s, The Weekly Standard, New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today), either electronic or print from 2005-2020.

Outline: Structure/ Organization of Rogerian Argument:

Use Rogerian argument model when you are seeking common ground and a compromise position while dealing with a controversial public issue.  This model also works well when you are discussing polarizing issues.

Introduction (one paragraph)

   1. In this introduction, you present the problem, typically pointing out how both the writer and

the reader/the other side are affected by the problem.

  • Rather than presenting an issue that divides the reader and the writer, or a thesis statement/ claim that demands agreement (and in effect can be seen as an attack on a reader who holds an opposing view), a Rogerian argument often withholds the writer’s position at the beginning.
  • BUT, present the other side’s (the opponent’s) position on the issue: The last statement/sentence in the introduction is the other side’s view/position/thesis.

Discussion (Body)

2. In the FIRST body paragraph(s), discuss the opposing viewpoint (at least ONE paragraph)
         In this part, you must first write a neutral summary of the other side’s beliefs and reasons.

  • This summary includes their key arguments (reasons) along with any detailed supports for the reasons.
  • *** If you can represent the reader’s perspective accurately, then the reader/opponent will begin to move toward compromise, and so this section of the argument is crucial to your credibility and persuasiveness.

3. After discussing the other side’s view and reasons, you need to create a common ground paragraph: here you discuss/describe the context in which the other side’s view is valid and credible. That is to say, you give the other side some credit and show your respect to their understanding. These are the things you and the other side both agree; thus, we call it a common ground.

4. Now, after finishing your common ground paragraph, you need to open a new paragraph to transit to your position on the issue, and make sure you will introduce your thesis statement at the end of this paragraph.

5. Then, support  your own position ( your thesis statement just introduced in your transitional paragraph) on the issue (at least TWO paragraphs).

In this part, you will use topic sentences to introduce your reasons for supporting your thesis statement with details and evidence, and you can also refute the other side’s arguments.

  • This supporting part is a major factor in whether or not you are ultimately convincing, and so key evidence (logos, pathos, and ethos) should support and develop this section of the argument.
  • Just as you should do for the opponent’s side, you should discuss under what circumstances or in what contexts your own side is valid.

6.  Now, use another paragraph to present a solution(s) that makes a compromise so that bother sides can benefit from the solution.

Conclusion (ONE paragraph)

     7. Finally, The Rogerian argument closes NOT by asking readers to give up their own positions on the problem BUT by showing how the reader would benefit from moving toward the writer’s position.

  • These compromises or solutions would benefit both the reader (or the opponents)  and the writer under more circumstances than either perspective alone accounts for.   
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Topic: individual assignment of Interactive Managerial Skills


Discuss why and how self-awareness and self-disclosure are important for your future career development. Give specific examples to support your arguments.

(Maximum 800 words, excluding cover page, table of contents, reference list, and appendices, if any, late submission would incur a 10 marks deduction per 24 hours, words exceeding 800 will incur a penalty of 10 marks for every 80 excess words.

The main purpose of this assignment is to let you reflect on why and how concepts of self-awareness and self-disclosure can help your future career development.

By having a better self-understanding, you should be more able to identify your own strengths and weaknesses, personalities, values, and so forth.

You should then choose a job/career which is more suitable for you in the future. You may also work on improving some of your weaknesses after gaining a better self-understanding.

In this assignment, you are expected to evaluate your own situation so as to better plan for your future career.

A general analysis on concepts is not acceptable, write this assignment using your own situation is required.