Topic: John F Kennedy Inauguration Speech


For your third paper, you will be analyzing a speech of your choice. In going through this process, you must gain an understanding of the speech maker’s motivation for expressing his or her words.

The preciseness and execution of these words are intended to make an impact upon an audience. In fact, an excellent speech maker, or speech writer, that is, will take great care in choosing specific words and even sentence structures so to better drawn an audience in to point to be made.

However, we as the audience must take the context behind the message and draw our own inferences based upon the aforementioned point.

Historically, we can make a number of inferences, but what conclusions we draw must be based off accurate accounts, not others’ means to muddy up points with rhetoric and propaganda.

As such, we need to understand the content responsibly so to learn from it. What we learn can be used to impact our lives or even the world as a whole.

With all of these points made, keep the following in mind when working on your essay:

Read through the speech carefully, and gain a complete, unbiased perspective of the viewpoints expressed.
Research the intent behind the speech.

When writing your paper, provide your analysis of what the speech is intended to express. (Note: some speeches may have more than one point, so locate the overall important message found throughout the speech to analyze.)

Provide either a historical, political, sociological, or psychological analysis of the speech maker’s point.
Also, when writing your paper, do not just give quote after quote from the speech.

Quote only when necessary from it; as such, choose prudently what lines or even word choices that would help with your analysis.Incorporate research into your paper. (Said research must come from a reliable source that will help support that historical, political, sociological, or psychological analysis.)

Use only two sources to quote and to paraphrase from. (One source must be the speech you are writing about; the other source will be an outside one giving that historical, political, sociological, or psychological analysis.)
From the speech, only quote from it.
From the outside source, quote and paraphrase from it.
Incorporate only three quotes from the speech.
Incorporate two quotes and two paraphrase from the outside source.
Do not let the research take over; let your own thoughts for the analysis dominate.
Make use of lead-ins for your quotes and paraphrases (they are mandatory, so do not leave them out).
Provide in-text citations, where applicable.
Have a Works Cited.
Cite and document correctly using the MLA format.
Of course, make sure to have an introductory paragraph with a thesis statement, body paragraphs (at least, three), and a concluding paragraph.
Proofread carefully so to catch your grammar mistakes.
Work on proper sentence structure.

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