Topic: World War 2 powerpoint presentation


Both Stalingrad and the D-Day invasion have each been called the turning point of WWII, one on the eastern front, and one on the western front.

First, in about 4 slides, describe and explain if you agree with this assessment, and then, in about 2 slides, identify which battle is more significant to the outcome of the war.

Defend the answer with specific examples from the films and lecture, while also evaluating and explaining how and why the battle chosen was more important.

You might also note the figures given for each battle on slide 34 of the Lecture.

Type of service:-Academic paper writing

Type of assignment :- Power Point presentation

Subject :- History

Pages / words :- 6 / 900

Academic level :- Junior (College 3rd year)

Paper format :- APA

Line spacing :- Double

Language style :- US English

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Topic: DB: Critique Presentation Skills


Find a Ted Talk presentation that interests you. Evaluate the speaker’s effectiveness and delivery with the techniques that you have learned in this Unit.

Focusing on technique and not content, what are the strengths and weaknesses of the presentation?

Be sure to include a link to the video you are evaluating. Then for your replies, choose two classmates’ videos and expand on their analysis of the presenter’s strengths and weaknesses.


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Topic: Creating an Effective Presentation


Presentation skills are essential in business. This assignment focuses on creating an effective presentation that includes relevant visual aids to develop your topic, as well as a strong hook and delivery.

You are the Director of your local or state Chamber of Commerce. Your goal is to develop a presentation highlighting attractions that would draw visitors to your town or state.

Develop a PowerPoint focusing on five attractions. In addition to developing strong slides, use the notes feature in PowerPoint to incorporate additional information to expand on your talking points.

Develop an introduction with a hook, relevant content, and a conclusion. Cite your sources and provide APA references on the last slide. 

Include a title on each of the slides.
• Use bullet format to highlight speaking points. Try to avoid wordiness.
• Include at least three images.
• Cite all sources using APA formatted references on the last slide.
Add notes to each slide

Topic: Cognitive Psychology powerpoint presentation


narrated PowerPoint presentation about four specific significant contributions to cognitive psychology. 

Learning – Latent learning
Memory – Memory distortions
Attention – Treisman’s attentional theory 
Perception – The Gestalt approach

Type of service:-Academic paper writing

Type of assignment:-Power Point presentation


Pages / words:-13 / 1950

Number of sources:-8

Academic level:-Undergraduate

Paper format:-Harvard

Line spacing:-Double

Language style:-UK English

Topic: Operation Risk Management narrated PowerPoint.


Article critique assignment with a narrated PowerPoint.

Each student will make an in-depth presentation/critique of one Operational Risk Management-related article.

The article will be taken from a scholarly reviewed source, i.e. journal, authored/edited book, either hard copy or electronic version accessed from an accredited source (e.g. university library, google scholar, etc.).

Reference the “Mastery writing assignment rubric and the Major presentation rubric” for assignment requirements.

Support your paper with course materials and at least three (3) additional sources. Appropriate sources are limited to scholarly or trade/professional journals and periodicals.

General websites, blogs, and newspaper articles should be avoided whenever possible.

Use correct APA format throughout. Required word count does not include the reference page.

Topic: Responsible Tourism and Planning annotated poster presentation


The assignment is not a presentation, it is an annotated poster presentation, however there was no option for poster presentation. The poster must use the template attached below. The assignment is using the lake district as a case study.

AS1 Annotated Individual Poster Presentation (50%)

Make a poster for individual poster presentation of 12 minutes duration using a PowerPoint template prepared by the module leader. Your poster presentation should cover the following points:
• Explain the concepts of sustainability and responsibility in the context of tourism. (15%)
• Discuss the current issues in tourism, conservation and sustainable development which need to be improved in the Lake District in terms of economic aspect of the Triple Bottom Line (TBL) of sustainability. (25%)
• Discuss the current issues in tourism, conservation and sustainable development which need to be improved in the Lake District in terms of socio-cultural aspect of the Triple Bottom Line (TBL) of sustainability. (25%)
• Discuss the current issues in tourism, conservation and sustainable development which need to be improved in the Lake District in terms of environmental aspect of the Triple Bottom Line (TBL) of sustainability. (25%)
• The list of references needs to be included in the note section of PowerPoint template. (10%)

– You do not need to make the presentation formally but you should submit the presentation with the expectation that the presentation would last for 12 minutes if made.
– The poster should contain additional information in the note section of PowerPoint template (up to 1,200 words = equivalent to 12 minutes talk) so that the marker can see the content and the detail that would be explained if the presentation were to be formally made.
– The information in the note section should be used to expand the information on the slide further.
– In short, the note section should include both additional information and list of references.

Topic: Our Lady of the Lake RMC Balanced Scorecard

  1. Assessment Instructions



Select a health care organization that has readily available data for the four categories from Kaplan and Norton’s 1996 model. Those categories are:

  • Financial performance measures.
    • Internal business processes.
    • Learning and growth.
    • Customer satisfaction.

You may wish to select your employer; however, please do not disclose proprietary data without prior written consent from your employer. You may wish to review the websites of large global organizations to research case study articles on best practices for organizations.



PowerPoint Slides

To complete this assessment, you will develop a PowerPoint presentation with 10–12 slides that describes how you would apply a balanced scorecard to your selected organization. Include the following in your PowerPoint presentation:

  • A brief description of the organization you selected.
    • Your balanced scorecard analysis of the organization, including how vision and strategy connect to the four balanced scorecard elements.
    • Four recommendations for the organization.
    • At least one APA-formatted in-text citation and accompanying, congruent APA-formatted reference.
    • Add notes to the Note section of the Power Point Presentation

Audio Recording

Use Kaltura, or another instructor-approved alternative technology, to record yourself presenting your balanced scorecard PowerPoint slides. Before you begin recording, you may find it beneficial to write a script or detailed outline that you can refer to as you record.

Your recorded presentation should be no more than 10 minutes in length and should include the following:

  • A two-minute introduction.
    • The four elements of a balanced scorecard for the organization.
    • Four area recommendations for the organization.
    • A two-minute conclusion.

Include the notes or script of your audio recording. You may choose to include this in the form of the completed Notes section of the PowerPoint presentation slides, as a script you may have used when you created your recording, or in the form of a detailed outline. This will serve to clarify any insufficient or unclear audio.

Note: If your notes are not included in the PowerPoint presentation itself, attach them in a separate document along with the other presentation elements.

Additional Requirements

  • Written communication: Written communication should be free from errors that detract from the overall message.
    • APA formatting: Resources and citations should be formatted according to APA style and formatting guidelines.
    • Number of resources: At least one APA-formatted in-text citation and accompanying, congruent APA-formatted reference.
    • Length: The PowerPoint presentation should contain 10–12 slides.
    • Duration of audio recording: Maximum of 10 minutes.
    • Font and font size:
      • Headline type should be 24–28 points.
      • Bullet or body type should be 14–18 points for readability.
      • Avoid decorative type; use Arial or Times.

Cultural Competency Organizational Assessment and Solutions


Cultural Competency Organizational Assessment and Solutions

Scenario: Cross, Bazron, Dennis and Isaacs (1989) defined cultural competence as “a set of congruent behaviors, attitudes, and policies that come together as a system, that system, agency or those professionals to work effectively in cross-cultural situations”.

Cultural Competency is vital to the sustainability of a healthcare organization and its capability to provide high-quality healthcare to the community it serves. Cultural competency consists of a blend of ethics, values, morals, healthcare organization’s mission and commitment that all employees, patients and visitors shall be treated equally.

A new community health center has opened in your county offering basic healthcare services, preventative care and education to migrant workers, illegal residents, and recent immigrants. To ensure the health center promotes and establishes a culturally competent environment, as the health center’s chief privacy and compliance officer (CPCO), you have been tasked to develop a cultural competency training toolkit.


Design an actual twenty (20) to thirty (30) minutes virtual training session for departmental and organizational use on Cultural Competency (the intent is future mandatory automated training)

Topics must include cultural competency discussion on employees and patient care and aligned with the mission, vision, and values of the organization; define and discuss cultural competency; compare and contrast cultural competency and diversity, ethics, health disparities;  impact on decision making; and measures to establish and maintain a culturally competent organization and environment.

Presentation can include clip art, links to additional sources

Must include recorded audio of each presentation slide

Integrate data analytics to assess, evaluate and/or recommend local state and federal cultural competence (and/or related) regulatory compliance measures. 

References & Resources:

Cross TL, Bazron BJ, Dennis KW, Isaacs, M.R. towards a Culturally Competent System of Care: Vol I. Washington, DC: National Technical Assistance Center for Children’s Mental Health, Georgetown University Child Development Center; 1989.

Cultural Competence in Health Care: Emerging Framework for Practical Approaches:

Tools for Assessing Cultural Competence Training:

Movie “Language Barrier”:

Topic: Professional Values and Evidence Based practice

Assignment Brief

Please, use journals (Evidence) Less than 5 years old and UK Based avidence

Learning Outcomes:

1. Demonstrate the ability to systematically appraise and clinically apply a range of evidence including research.

2. Examine strategies to facilitate personal and professional development.

3. Formulate collaborative and holistic nursing care that safeguards and empowers the public, whilst maintaining comfort, dignity and human rights.

4. Analyse and debate professional values, ethical and legal frameworks which impact on holistic care delivery in different clinical settings.

Module: Professional Values and Evidence Based practice

Word Limit: 2000 words

Assignment Guidance

You must write a 2000 word essay, incorporating the requirements of the different sections as set out below. Please refer to the frequently asked questions sheet regarding word count. The sections reflect the content of specific themes and case studies taught/referred to within in the module.

Assignment Content

 • Introduction (200 words).

Write a brief introduction to the essay. Describe how you are going to answer each section of the essay, and refer to your field specific case study.

• Section 1- Nursing Care (500 words).

Identify one nursing problem and analyse why that poses a risk to the comfort or dignity of the patient. This is in reference to your field specific case study (Theme 1 or 5). Choose one nursing care intervention, and analyse why that intervention would promote the comfort or dignity of the patient.

To answer this section successfully you must:

Define and analyse- the concept of comfort or dignity, and how this relates to your case study (Theme 1 or 5), by Identifying and analysing an actual or potential nursing problem.

Choose one nursing intervention and analyse how this could reduce the risk of the patient/service user, comfort or dignity being breached. The intervention needs to be specific, with analysis of the arguments for and against the implementation of your chosen intervention.

Section 2 – Empowerment and Collaborative Care (500 words)

Identify one collaborative initiative, and analyse how this could empower the patient/carer to increase their self-management within your field specific case study (Theme 2).

To answer this section successfully you must:

 • Define and analyse the concept of empowerment, and discuss how this relates to the case study (Theme 2), by identifying and analysing a situation that demonstrates disempowerment.

 • Choose one collaborative intervention, and analyse how the initiative could increase a patient/carers/services user’s level of empowerment within your case study. The analysis needs to consider the possible barriers to implementation, and how they can possibly be overcome.

Section 3 – Law and Ethics (600 words)

Critically analyseone hospital, or community based situation, from your field specific case study, which has legal and ethical implications within the delivery of care to the patient/ service user (Theme 4 or 5).

To answer this section successfully you must:

Identify one situation that relates to the patient/service user, and analyse the legal and ethical implications of the situation.

• Choose one of the ethical principles shown below, and analyse how it relates to your field specific case study.

  1. Beneficence, 2) Non-maleficence, 3) Autonomy or 4) Justice

 • Identify and analyse the legal frameworks that exist, and apply them to your case study situation.

One of the legal frameworks must be Human Rights Act (1998)

Conclusion (200 words) Provide a summary of the main points in the essay. Demonstrate an awareness of what you have learnt and how this will influence your future practice.

Structure and Presentation

The assignment should be structured so that each section and the required content is covered in a systematic and logical manner. Each section should be linked to ensure a clear flow to the next topic and part of the case study. It should be grammatically correct with clear use of appropriate paragraphing.


The assignment may have sub-headings. If used, these will be: Introduction, Section 1 – Nursing Care, Section 2 – Empowerment and Collaborative Care, Section 3 – Law and Ethics, and Conclusion.


The essay must be referenced following the Harvard referencing system.

Topic: The effects of globalization on education in Qatar

1) relationship between globalization & education (covered) but you need to add the definition of globalization from a relevant source.
2) main effects of globalization on education – elaborate further: you have to have specific main ideas of the effects of globalization on education, or the outcomes of it, like:
– Economic.
– Quality of learning which yields the production of a certain type of individual / employee.
– Women joining the workforce.
– Technological advancement brought to Qatar’s educational system by globalization.
3) The counter argument: Needs elaboration- How and why it is weak, link it to your argument
4) Introduction needs to have a clear structure stating the main points of how globalization effected education in qatar, and the intention of this paper, will it argue in favor of or against. the introduction should be an outline as to what the essay will say.
5) each paragraph in the body should state at the beginning the argument as to why globalization had a good impact and evidence from the theory / text cited. which was sufficiently done, just missing the statements at the beginning. the structure of the body was hazy / unclear.
6) keep it about education, dont branch out too much, too much ballooning.
7) Definition of globalization needs to be clear, and relevant.
8) at least one theory needs to be incorporated. example: nationalism vs individualism.
9) everything included in the ppt should be referenced in the ppt.
10) use appealing visuals.
*important note* I would appreciate if I get a quick fix now with the main ideas and the main sources of the essay since most of the literature is useful. Please make sure to fix the definition of globalization, and the main structure: the main ideas on how globalization impacted qatar education positively. the conclusion should align with that, please make sure it is enough material to cover 12 to 15 minutes. please make sure the speaker notes are comprehensive.

Type of service: Academic paper writing

Type of assignment: Writing from scratch

Subject: business powerpoint slides

Pages / words: 4 / 1100

Number of sources: 2

Academic level: Undergraduate

Paper format: MLA

Line spacing: Double

Language style: US English

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