Topic: golf coaching and using video


Golf Coaching/ PGA Applied Coaching Assignment 2019/20


Year 2

2000 Word Essay


The use of video is now common place in golf coaching, it is therefore important that PGA Professionals understand how to use it effectively. How a camera is positioned when filming is a vitally important aspect of analysing a golfer’s swing accurately. It is also essential that golf coaches understand how and when to use video with various golfers that they coach.



Write a 2000 word essay in which you;

  1. Explain how and why a PGA Professional should position a video camera for the two main positions when analysing a golfer’s swing. Provide photos with your explanations to support your answer.
  2. Evaluate the effectiveness of using video in the golf coaching process by PGA Professionals for how they might analyse golfers and communicate coaching points to them. Include 2 advantages of using video and 2 possible disadvantages from how it is used in your answer.


Understand FIFA and History of the world cup with this essay in english


The World Cup was first held in 1930, when the president of FIFA, Jules Rimet decided to stage an international football tournament. The first tournament started with 13 participating teams and has advanced to 32 international men’s teams for the final tournament. There is a two year qualifying process involving almost 200 teams all over the world.

By 1900, the sport had gained ground worldwide and national football associations were being founded. It all started with amateur teams playing against each other and later on, there was evident entry of international professional teams to join the Olympic Event.

The first two World Cup matches took place simultaneously and were won by France and the USA, who beat Mexico 4-1 and Belgium 3-0 respectively. The first goal in the World Cup was scored by Lucien Laurent of France. In the final, Uruguay defeated Argentina 4-2 in Montevideo and became the first nation to win a world cup.

The 1934 World Cup was hosted by Italy and was the first to include a qualification stage. A total of 16 teams qualified. Italy won the cup as the first European team to do so. Egypt also became the first African team to play in the tournament. The event was set to take place in 1942 but was cancelled due to the World War II.

Spain then hosted an expanded 1982 World Cup which featured 24 teams the first expansion since 1934. Italy once more became the champions. Recent events such as the 2010 World Cup have had various improvements. This one was hosted in South Africa and the cup was won by Spain. The final game saw a record number of yellow cards. The 2014 event was held in 2014; with Germans emerging the champions after a 1-0 win against Argentina.