Topic: US Citizenship term paper

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people who are applying for U.S. citizenship have to undergo an intensive process surrounding their knowledge of the U.S. Constitution and civil liberties.

In order to help them understand the importance surrounding this topic, you have been contracted by the U.S. Department of Immigration and Citizenship to create a presentation about the U.S. Government and Constitution.

This presentation is intended to be delivered to people who are applying for U.S. citizenship.

Course Project American Government COURSE OBJECTIVES Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

1. Explain the protections and rights afforded to U.S. citizens and how they have evolved

2. Describe different political influences in the U.S. (not measured by project)

3. Evaluate the evolution and influence of the Constitution on U.S. laws

4. Differentiate how the branches of the government operate in relation to one another

5. Identify significant domestic and foreign policies (not measured by project)

 BACKGROUND INFORMATION People who are applying for U.S. citizenship have to undergo an intensive process surrounding their knowledge of the U.S. Constitution and civil liberties.

In order to help them understand the importance surrounding this topic, you have been contracted by the U.S. Department of Immigration and Citizenship to create a presentation about the U.S. Government and Constitution. This presentation is intended to be delivered to people who are applying for U.S. citizenship.

 PROJECT INSTRUCTIONS Using what you have learned in this course, you will create a 15-slide PowerPoint presentation for people who are applying for U.S. Citizenship. The slides need to cover the following areas and topics:

 • Identify, describe, and differentiate between the branches of U.S. government and their specific powers. How do the branches operate? How do they interact? How do they relate to one another?

 • Describe three rights that are afforded to U.S. citizens and explain how each right has evolved over time.

 • Evaluate the influence of the U.S. Supreme Court on the rights you have selected above. o Identify three cases since 1950 that have greatly impacted the rights of American Citizens. These cases should help illuminate the evolution of the rights you selected.

• Your presentation must have a title slide and a references slide, formatted according to APA guidelines. These pages are not included in the total slide count.

• Include speaker notes of 200-250 words for each slide. Be sure to create the notes as if you were presenting each slide to an audience, and any key points you would like to add or discuss.

• Incorporate appropriate graphics that support the content being presented. Each slide should include sufficient detail, but should not bombard the audience with information. Include the relevant information

. • Illustrate correct research documentation per APA standards. Be sure to include a references page at the end of your presentation.

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Topic: The material culture of funerary practices of different religious practices

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Basic Requirements:
-12 point font
-Double spaced
-10 page length
-10 sources (MUST BE scholarly books, scholarly journal articles, scholarly data bases, major news magazines/articles, and primary sources.

Term Paper Proposal:
The topic research for the term paper is the material culture of funerary practices of different religious practices.

look at the items that are used in the process of the funerals to see how different religions view death and the afterlife.

mainly want to focus on the funerary practices of;——






-Daoism, and Christianity (Catholicism, Anglicanism, Eastern Orthodoxy, and Protestantism).

Type of service-Academic paper writing
Type of assignment-Research Paper
Pages / words-10 / 2750
Number of sources-10
Academic level-Junior (College 3rd year)
Paper format-APA
Line spacing-Double
Language style-US English

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Topic: Women’s Voices in History

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Midterm 2 Directions:
Create a narrative of a suffragist (voice #1) from the early 20th century. Look at the Chinese poem as an example. Notice in that example, the creative poem (the narrative part) takes very little space (about 1/3 to ½ the page)
and the footnote section which spells out the historical explanation in 9 pt. font, single space, no skipping of lines, takes up at least half the page.

This voice #1 should be 4 full pages, and in form to be like the Chinese poem example, and is on the topic Women’s Suffrage
You are creating a fictional person (so you are NOT writing a biography of famous women from the period). You are creating a life experience that could very well have been true. You can take real events and incorporate them into your narrative. This is you imagining what it was like to be a suffragist by using the history of
the period.
You will also do a second voice (choice between voice #2 and #3) but you will not need to do the
creative part. You will simply compile a list of footnote facts, arguments, history and present them in
bulleted form.

This list is the same as what you should do to prepare to do your voice 1: all the information you want to convey in your writing about that person. But you will be doing it for a slave voice, or a worker.

Look at the Chinese Poem example again, and look at the footnotes. Imagine those footnotes in a bulleted list. The only thing that would be missing is the text that explains the creative part (since you will not have to do the creative part for the second part). This list should be
of 20 of the most important facts/events/history of your choice, and should be between 1

2 pages
. At least 1 full page,
single spaced. And the list should be extensive, full sentences, with in-text short (author, #) citation.
Then you will write a paragraph describing the life
of this person, using the list to help you construct
this simple paragraph
(The Women’s Hour by Elaine Weiss available on Audible)

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Topic: Children and Poverty term paper

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2. Read the articles and summarize them in your Lit Review, using the following format:
3. Introduction: State what your topic is, some background on it, and why it is an important topic to research.
Literature Review: State the findings of the articles you reviewed. You may go through them one by one or summarize them a different way if you wish (e.g. some research (cite the articles) find such and such, others find such and such. . .)
Discussion: Discuss the pattern of findings overall. Do some articles contradict others? Why or why not? Do you see different patterns of results depending on which measures are used, or which kinds of samples are used. If results are contradictory you should postulate why? Also, suggest areas of future research are needed on your topic. What should researchers study next to further address the topic?
References: Finally, on the last page, list the references you have used. You must also cite them in the text when you refer to the studies.

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Topic: Philosophy of the Mind termpaper assignment

Instructions In a paper of roughly 8–9 pages in length, you are to develop and defend a thesis in response to a single issue we’ve considered this term. For instance, you could argue in favor of Cartesian interactionism or epiphenomenalism against some of its detractors, or in support of reductive materialism against the so-called “qualia freaks”; or you could defend and further develop, say, Annette Baier’s insights into personhood or Amie Thomasson’s account of nonreductive physicalism; and so on. Whatever your thesis, and whatever reading(s) you use to support it, you also will need to consider and respond to at least one alternative view found in our readings—e.g., Princess Elizabeth against Descartes, most everyone against epiphenomenalism, some form of functionalism against Churchland’s reductivism, perhaps Gertler against Baier’s non-dualistic Cartesian picture, or Kim against Thomasson—even if only to help distinguish and thus clarify the view you’re advancing. If you develop your thesis in response to the more speculative, science-fictiony ideas from Dennett’s or Kind’s chapters, you’ll need to use at least one of our earlier readings to support it. Moreover, your paper should include: 1. A title that gives some indication of your thesis. 2. A brief introduction, usually under 250 words, in which you state the topic and your stance on it (i.e., your thesis), as well as offer a roadmap of what’s to come and some indication of the paper’s philosophical significance. 3. An exposition in which you accurately present those aspects of the authors’ views relevant to your thesis in a clear, concise, and charitable way. 4. An argument in which you offer your reader reasons to accept the truth or plausibility of your thesis. Your argument will sometimes begin with an evaluation of the views you’ve just explained. When presenting your argument, you should present your points carefully and in a coherently organized way. 5. A brief conclusion, usually under 200 words, in which you reiterate your thesis in light of the main points you offer in support of it with the objective of communicating “the bigger picture” of the paper or answering the “So what?” question. 6. Proper citations of any references you make to the texts. 7. A Bibliography of the sources you cite. You may use whichever style guide you are most comfortable with: MLA, Chicago, or APA.

Topic: World cup in Qatar 2022 and the ethical considerations it arises


This is an oral presentation on this topic. supposed to talk about the Corruption and how sponsors and fifa turn a blind eye + the possible boycotting of sponsors/ cancel culture and not attending the world cup.

talk about the other aspects of the world cup in qatar. Write in a format for a presentation. ” For the presentation, concentrate on the corruption/boycott….” Write it in an engaging way for an audience that knows nothing about the subject matter.

Why should they care about this topic? The teacher wants us to talk about the ethical issues. Look at the presentation instructions and grading rubric uploaded.

In the last 6-7 sentences, can you write what’s the big ethical question for this topic. The teacher wants us to have one. Maybe it’s the ”should we boycott the biggest sporting event in the world” or ” boycott the sponsors” or something like that?

The other people who do presentations usually show a (youtube) clip which is a couple of minutes long. If you find something good you can put the link but it is not necessary.
Structure Students have the choice to present in groups of three or four, in partners, or as individuals. The group presentations are twenty minutes. Partner and Individual presentations are fifteen minutes. If students elect to present with a partner or a group each person must participate in the spoken component – no exceptions. APPLIED THEMES IN ENGLISH – NON FICTION WRITING CLASS PRESENTATIONS PRESENTATION INSTRUCTIONS AND GRADING RUBRIC– 15% 2 Content The choice of topic is up to the presenters. The only stipulations are that the talks should be focused on an aspect relating to ethics. Here are some suggested approaches: 1. A talk that focuses on the ethical aspects of the student(s) program of study. 2. A talk that focuses on a section of in Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer, The Impossible Climb by Mark Synnott and/or Free Solo by Elizabeth Chai and Jimmy Chin or Wheelmen by Reed Albergotti & Vanessa O’Connell and/or The Armstrong Lie by Alex Gibney. 3. A talk that focuses on developing another side of the course texts. For example, this could be a talk on climbing/mountaineering or cycling in general. 4. A talk that focuses on a discussion of ethics as it relates to another sport or activity. If students have other presentation ideas, please come and see me. Presenters may talk about a theme or idea (either in their respective fields of study or within the texts) that they find interesting, intriguing, or problematic (always keeping in mind the overall focus on ethics). If students decide to concentrate on the texts, it is important that they do not simply summarize the contents. Summarizing essentially explains WHAT happens. It is a recounting of events. Avoid this. Instead explain WHY something happens; this is analysis. In addition, presenters can assume that the audience is familiar with the texts and so knows the subject matter. If, however, presenters decide to talk about their programs of study or present a talk on another aspect of climbing/cycling, or indeed, another sport, activity or idea, more context may be required. Context provides the circumstances and explanations for a topic so the audience is situated. Materials:  Cue-cards, notes, and/or texts are welcome – but be careful not to simply ‘read’ the presentation. Maintain reasonable eye content with the audience.  Multi-media is definitely encouraged. It can include images, video, music etc. Keep in mind however that media should complement the presentation; it should not be the presentation.

Topic: Foreign Aid opinions and knowledge


Your opinions only please, from the knowledge you know about foreign aid.

Please no plagiarism just your own thoughts. All you are tasked with is answering the questions with your own thoughts from the articles within

Also, No quotes, paraphrases, or plagiarism allowed.

1. Do you support the way in which U. S. foreign aid is currently allocated? Why or why not?
2. In your view, does U. S. foreign aid advance the interests of the United States in an increasingly integrated and globalized world? Why or why not?
3. Do you believe the kinds of global issues facing humanity (climate change, trade imbalances, rising income inequality, war and violence, etc.) can be addressed through the use of foreign aid by wealthy countries?

Type of service: Writing from scratch

Type of assignment: Termpaper

Subject: Political science

Pages / words:7 / 1925

Number of sources:6

Writing style: MLA

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Topic: Pilates : Past- Present – Future

Description There are no formal requirements but the essay must have a clear opening, logical progression and a final conclusion and summary.

The essay format should show a clear understanding of: • The history of Joseph Pilates, the elders and the development of the method • The Pilates Principles and how they came to be • Teacher Training development from Joseph Pilates’s times to now as applicable in Greece • The development of ‘Pilates’ being a generic term • The development of the equipment and its goals • The present situation of Pilates within the private sector, Health & Fitness industry as a whole and the remedial/clinical disciplines as applicable to your own country(Greece) • The role of a Pilates Group Matwork Teacher within the above sectors • Potential development of Pilates from the viewpoint of the general public and the industry itself in the coming years.

Type of service: Academic paper writing

Type of assignment: Writing from scratch

Subject: nursing

Pages / words: 5 / 1400

Number of sources: 2

Academic level: Undergraduate

Paper format: APA

Line spacing: Double

Language style: US English

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Herod and the Roman Empire

Class: Jewish Heritage GJS100QM


For your Final Report, choose a person, event, concept or organization that significantly contributed towards Jewish heritage. The most important question your term paper must address is how this thing changed the course of Jewish history.

The term paper must have justified margins, typed, MLA Format, double-spaced, at least five pages, with a page of sources. Your name, class must appear on first page. Footnotes must be included to respond to quotes and specific information. Failure to provide sources will reflect in your grade. So, remember your sources.

Accepted sources could be books, magazines, newspapers, museums or websites. Wikipedia is forbidden! Don’t penalize yourself by quoting Wikipedia.

• Don’t forget to answer who or what influenced this person, organization or event.
• Did this event, person, or organization influence subsequent people, events, or organizations?
• How did the Jewish community benefit from it? Did the larger society feel any impact as a result of this person or organization’s presence ?

How did it impact Jewish history?
How my topic change the course of Jewish history?
Why he decided to build the western wall?
Why he wasn’t a Jewish ?

Sources: A History of the Jews
by Paul Johnson
Herod the Great; pages 3,62,109-118

National Geographic articles on Herod.

Type of service: Academic paper writing

Type of assignment: Writing from scratch

Subject: political science

Pages / words: 4 / 1100

Number of sources: 2

Academic level: Undergraduate

Paper format: MLA

Line spacing: Double

Language style: US English

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Topic: Company guidelines for Software Engineering and Software Architecture


What is it about?

A quick, yet rich, summary of principles, methodologies, recommendations, and best practices related to Software Engineering and Software Architecture. Our goal with this document is to educate and standardize the understanding that the company’s employees have regarding their activities and the terminology they should use.

The goal here is for you to produce a document that is clear and easy to understand. It might help you to imagine that you are a Software Architect for a big company and that you are creating this document as a way to educate and set up the standards for the developers and managers.

Examples of topics that you could choose from are: Agile, Extreme Programming, Scrum, Separation of Concerns, Single Responsibility, Modularity, DRY, KIS, YAGNI, No big design upfront, Test-driven development, Mobile-first development, User Stories, Use Case Diagrams, Minimum viable product, Communication principles, Requirements Engineering, etc.

(Write about 5 of these.)
If you make any Citation or Reference please use the Chicago style.