Topic: Does Immigration Undermine Public Support for Social Policy?


This paper is a research proposal.

Thesis: Immigration does not undermine or it is difficult to establish a casual factor between the two
It should include: Introduction, Theory and Hypothesis, Research design, Reference list

The points below should be included in the proposal
• What is the general aim of your research project? What understanding do you seek to improve? Is there some (empirical) puzzle that your research project seeks to address?
• What is your (specific) research question? (Please make sure that the research question is indeed formulated as an question, and make sure that the formulation makes clear to the reader whether this is a descriptive or explanatory question)
• What are the key variables in your study? How would you define the key concepts which these variables refer to?
• What is the relevance of your research project? (academic relevance/social importance)
• What is the originality of the study? How does the study contribute to the existing
literature? What has the existing literature told us already about the question, and how does your study fit in?
2. Theory and hypotheses
• Is there a specific theory/are there specific theories which may provide (theoretical) insight into your research question? What are the key features of the theory? What is the causal argument and what causal mechanism is suggested?
• What (specific) hypothesis/-es for your research project could you derive from this theory? In other words, if the theory is correct, what answer to your research question would you expect?
• Are there any alternative hypotheses? If so, what theory/causal argument are these derived from?In the research design the points below should be included:
• Is causal inference central to your study? (Or descriptive inference?)
• If so, what strategy will you use to deal with it? What research method will you use? What
are the key features of this method? What is your justification of the choice for this method?
Could you potentially opt for another method? If so, why do you not opt for it?
• How exactly will you use the (general) method in your study? In other words, what will the
method look like in your study?
• Are you going to analyse certain cases out of the broader population of cases which you are
interested in? What case(s) will you select? What is the logic behind your case selection? Why does it make sense to study the case(s) that you are selecting? Could you argue that you can generalise the findings of a study of your case(s) to the broader population of cases you are interested in?
• How are you operationalising your key variables? Why does it make sense to operationalise them that way?
• Do you control for the effect of certain other variables? How do you do this? (Do you include them as control variables in the analysis, or do you keep them constant by means of case selection?)
• What data will you use and how are you collecting these data? How reliable do you expect these data to be? Do you foresee any challenges in collecting and analysing the data? If so, how are you planning to deal with these?
• How would you evaluate the internal validity and external validity of your proposed study?

Why you should include a clear thesis sentence in your essay writing

What a thesis sentence is as defined in academic writing

A thesis sentence is that last line of an essay introduction supposed to enlighten the reader of the purpose of the entire essay and the main points of what to expect from reading the whole essay. The thesis sentence basically summarizes the main points to be discussed in the body paragraphs of the essay.

Why you should include a clear thesis sentence to your essay writing

As a summary sentence indicating the main points of the entire essay, tutors and any reader rely on this vital part of your essay to determine whether to continue reading the rest of the essay. By identifying the thesis sentence, you are able to know the key points the writer has highlighted in it and know what to expect in the body paragraphs. With the thesis sentence, you are able to proceed with the body paragraphs each highlighting in detail the points mentioned in the thesis sentence. It makes it easy to proceed with the body paragraphs.

How to write a great thesis sentence

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Essay topic and relation to the thesis sentence

Any essay topic forms the basis of your essay writing process. The thesis sentence comes after the topic is identified and with the essay outline, you can now summarize the key points of discussion in the essay as one sentence which is the thesis sentence.With a clear essay topic, essay outline and now the thesis sentence, you are able to not only flourish in your essay writing endeavors but also see you shine and improving your essay grades to levels you never imagined.

Writing an essay with a clear thesis sentence

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