Topic: American Military History essay

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In 3/4 to 1 page (Full page) single-spaced, please answer these two discussion questions from Chapter 14 of the following book:

Stewart, R. W. (2005). The United States Army and the Forging of a Nation, 1775-1917. American Military History Chapter 14

Question 1.) How did the Army have to change its organization and tactics to fight the Indian Wards as opposed to how it fought the Civil War?

Question 4.) Why did hundreds of Indians join the Army as Indian Scouts-some earning the Medal of Honor for bravery against other Indians?

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Topic: Disability Studies sociology essay

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1.  Many disability organizations are classified by type of disability.  Do you see differences between these organizations based on whether they are meant to represent people with apparent disabilities vs. non-apparent?  How about when you compare organizations representing people with intellectual and mental disabilities vs. physical disabilities? 

Use this link as your reference to answer question 1.

2.  Do you believe an association like AAPD is stronger than a group organizing people around a specific disability (like the blind or deaf communities, for example)?  Are they stronger politically in creating change on behalf of their community or in their ability to serve their own members?

3.  One resource is very different from the others – the organization “Autism Speaks” is run by parents of children with autism, rather than people with disabilities themselves.  What differences do you note between Autism Speaks and other, disability-led organizations?  How do you think this impacts the organization and its ability to create change vs. how the organization might serve its disability community members?

4.  Have you found or researched other disability rights organizations than those listed?  If so, how do they compare when you think about the important role of organizing people with disabilities in our fight for equality and disability rights in the US?

Links listed below are from my Class resources you can use to support your arguments

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Topic: Structuring Benefits to Motivate Employees

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Read the following article on motivating employees:

“Motivating People: Getting Beyond Money” by Dewhurst, Guthridge, and Mohr (2009)

Review the Special Topics: 1) Motivation and Behavior 2) Compensation and Benefits and 3) Cost of Benefits as needed. Your textbook can also be used as a source of information. 

The Assignment

Assume that you are the new CHRO of a 450 bed, metropolitan full-service hospital with over 1,800 employees — Congratulations! In spite of ranking at the 50thpercentile for wages in the area (there are 3 other hospitals within 10 miles of your facility), morale among employees is at an all-time low. A recent employee survey revealed the poor morale as well as a high rate of burnout. (In fact, 30% of the nursing staff admitted to currently looking at other jobs.) Staff turnover during the past 2 years has been about twice the previous rate and absenteeism was up 50% over the same time period. The last COO introduced an employee “flex time” plan that saved the hospital 15% in wage costs by sending employees home when the patient census was low. (Of note, 70% of nurses managed to consistently work a 40-hour week last quarter.) This program gives all employees 3 days of personal time/sick time.

Current employee benefits include a small life insurance policy, a 401k plan (no matching) and health insurance for employees, but not spouses or dependents. No other insurance or benefits are currently offered. (80% of employees have a “significant other” and 55% have at least one child between 1 and 12 years old.)


Current Workforce (excluding physicians)

     Boomers – 30%

     Gen X – 40%

     Millenials (Gen Y) – 25%

    Gen Z – 5%

Minimum Wage Workers are 15% of the workforce and their current average pay rate is $10/hr. The majority of these workers are in food service, housekeeping, patient transport, clerical and medical assistants.

The Assignment

As the  CHRO, you have been tasked with designing a total compensation program to fix the mess you have inherited. The hospital has given you a budget to work within and some options to choose from, which are summarized below.

Item                Description                                                                    Relative Cost Points

Wages             Increase for all salaried employees to 60th %-ile                   3.0

Min Wage       Increase Min Wage to $12/hr                                                    1.5

                         Increase Min Wage to $15/hr                                                    2.5 (5% lay off)

PTO                 Increase PTO to 7 days/yr                                                          1.5

                        Increase to 10 days/yr                                                                 2.5

                        Extended FMLA (12 weeks paid)                                                2.5

Insurance       Add spouse/dependent coverage                                           2.5

                        Add life insurance upgrade                                                       0.5

401k                Add 3% match                                                                             2.5

                        Add 6% match                                                                              3.5

FSP                   Flex Spending Plan – includes      

                                Dental, optical, meds                                                          1.0

Education       Tuition supplement – current semester                                 1.5

                        Student loan repayments – 

                        (Pay off 30% of balance, up to $12,000)                                  3.5

Child Care      Cover 30% of cost for employees                                           2.5

                        Offer On-site day care for all employees                               3.5      

Required: Describe in detail the total compensation package you will recommend to the CEO, keeping your total cost at or below 12.0 Relative Cost points. If you can bring a plan that is 11.0 Relative Costs points or below, you will personally receive a $10,000 bonus – which will remain confidential. You are not allowed to create alternatives through extrapolation, e.g., “add 401k match at 4% for 3.0 Relative Cost points” nor propose items not listed above that bring with them any significant cost.

Be certain to discuss why you have selected each of the compensation and benefit features included in your recommendation. This discussion could include the importance of the proposed feature to a group of employees (ex: nurses), a generation of employees (ex: Gen X), or the Hospital itself (ex: marketing, recruiting, etc.). 

Word limits – 800 word minimum, 2,200 word maximum

I do NOT want you to follow strict APA guidelines, but you must pinpoint precisely what specifically you drew from your reference(s) to support the points you are making. In other words, you must link your reference(s) directly to your text.  Examples follow below. Do NOT number pages, nor use a title page, abstract or Table of Contents. Do not use headers and footers or a running title.

The main things required of you are 1) write in complete sentences; no bullet point lists or sentence fragments. 2) Avoid an abbreviation unless you explain it to your reader the first time you use it. 3) Use proper punctuation and grammar – “Let’s eat, Grandma” and “Let’s eat Grandma” do NOT mean the same thing! You are not texting your audience. Rather, you are making a semi-formal presentation to your CEO. 4) List your references under a “References” section at the end of the paper, alphabetized by the first author’s LAST name.

You must provide at least two (2) references in support of your paper. You may cite our textbook or any of the materials I have provided in the course. However, at least one of your references must be from a source in the literature that you have researched. You do NOT need a reference for each point you make but. provide at least two references as described above.

Examples of using references:  

Suppose you wish to use the reference below to support your paper: 

         Jones AR, Smith DA (2017) People are Still Crazy, Yo. Harvard Business Review, April-May, pp. 9 – 26).

 And here is the author’s statement from page 17 of the article that you want to reference in your post.

        “People who show their undergarments in pubic are generally assumed to be unstable, at the least.”

Some options for how to present this in the text of your post would be:

 A) You want to paraphrase the author’s comment but not use a direct quotation 

According to Smith & Jones (2017), people who wear underwear in public are crazy. I think everyone agrees with that statement.

     Many experts feel that people who choose to wear underwear out in public are unstable (Smith & Jones, 2017).

B) Suppose you wish to use a direct quote. Therefore, you must use quotation marks and give the page number where quoted words were drawn.                    

According to Smith and Jones, “People who show their undergarments in pubic are generally assumed to be unstable, at the least”. (2017, p.17)

In 2017, Smith & Jones proposed that “people who show their undergarments in public are generally assumed to be unstable, at the least.” (p. 17)

If you reference a webpage or internet source that doesn’t list an author, you may alphabetize the source in your list of references by the journal name (Wall Street Journal) or website name ( Be certain to cut and paste the link into your reference so others may also find it.

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Topic: Hinduism research paper

Explain Hinduism’s theological standpoint in the 21st Century along with explaining how
Hinduism has impacted the 21st Century in America.
Be able to distinguish some of the major mis- perceptions held by Christians concerning
● Compare and contrast the Hindu faith to Christianity.
b. Learning activities:
● Student will research through the use of the Library, Articles etc. to collect a bank of valuable information to include in their writing.
● Student will listen to lectures that relate to the core understanding of the topic to be able to include in their research paper by utilizing online you tube video content to support the text.
c. Evaluation:
● Student will write a 15- 20 page paper explaining the key theological concepts of Hinduism, how these theological concepts are similar to and differ from that of Christianity, mis-perceptions of key points in the faith and finally how the faith impacts the US today.
d. Bibliography:
l Olson, C. (2007). Hindu Primary Sources: A Sectarian Reader. New Brunswick, N.J: Rutgers
University Press.
l Bhaskarananda, S. (2002). The Essentials of Hinduism: A Comprehensive Overview of the
World’s Oldest Religion (2nd Edition ed.). Viveka Press.
l Moon, C. (2019). Hinduism: What You Need to Know about the Hindu Religion, Gods,
Goddesses, Beliefs, History and Rituals. United States: CreateSpace Independent Publishing.

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SubjectSocial Studies
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Topic: Participant Selection philosophy essay

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• Present the most current version of your research question and state the phenomenon of interest.
• Describe the criteria for inclusion and exclusion.
• Describe in detail the choices for sample size, data saturation, and theoretical saturation. Justify your choices with citations of research studies that use the same strategy and/or of methodological articles that describe the rationale.
• Put yourself in the participant’s position, and consider the assurances you would want to hear to ensure that your privacy is respected and that your identity will not be revealed when the study is published. Include those assurances in your invitation.

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Number of sources-5
Academic level-Doctoral
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Topic: Exxon and the Control of Oil case study Business Research essay

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Project 1

Read the Standard Oil case study and Exxon and the Control of Oil. Support the position of the pluralist theory and dominance theory of business power.

From the perspective of the theory which you have been assigned, consider the following prompts in your initial post:

  • With reference to the seven levels of corporate power addressed in the text, how did the power of Standard Oil change society?
  • Was the power exercised in keeping with the social contract of Rockefeller’s era?
  • Does the story support the position of either the pluralist or dominance theory of business power?

Also in your post, state which theory (pluralist or dominance) you personally ascribe to. Did the arguments you read on this discussion topic change your perspective?

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Number of sources-4
Academic level-High School
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Nursing essay journal entry assignment

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Write a journal entry that integrates my experiences from this week into a reflective narrative that addresses the competencies and objectives listed below.


Weekly reflective journal narrative that integrates leadership and inquiry into current practice as it applies to the professional capstone and practicum course. In each week’s entry, you should reflect on the personal knowledge and skills gained dependent on the specific practice immersion virtual clinical experiences you encountered that week. This reflection journal also allows students to outline what they have discovered about their professional practice, personal strengths and weaknesses that surfaced, additional resources and abilities that could be introduced to a given situation to influence optimal outcomes, and finally, how they met competencies and course objectives.

Your journal should address a variable combination of the following, depending on your specific practice immersion clinical experiences: (please indicated which number or numbers you have included in this weeks entry):

  1. New practice approaches are present, complete, and incorporates additional relevant details and critical thinking to engage the reader.
  1. Intraprofessional collaboration information is present, complete, and incorporates additional relevant details and critical thinking to engage the reader.
  1. Health care delivery and clinical systems information is present, complete, and incorporates additional relevant details and critical thinking to engage the reader.
  1. Ethical considerations in health care information is present, complete, and incorporates additional relevant details and critical thinking to engage the reader.
  1. Population health concerns information is present, complete, and incorporates additional relevant details and critical thinking to engage the reader.
  1. Information on the role of technology in improving health care outcomes is present, complete, and incorporates additional relevant details and critical thinking to engage the reader.
  1. Health policy information content is present, complete, and incorporates additional relevant details and critical thinking to engage the reader.
  1. Information on leadership and economic models is present, complete, and incorporates additional relevant details and critical thinking to engage the reader.
  1. Information on health disparities is present, complete, and incorporates additional relevant details and critical thinking to engage the reader.

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Topic: Human Rights Policy Political Science research Paper

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Policy Paper – Weight: 55%

In this 2,500-word policy paper students choose a current human rights issue in world politics and write a policy paper, which engages with the human rights issue and suggests policy options that will ameliorate this crisis. When writing your policy document students should imagine that they represent a leading human rights INGO (for example, Human Rights Watch or Amnesty International). Students are required to choose a different human rights issue to the one that they discussed in their critical reading piece.

Some Guidance

  1. While you can choose any human rights issue that you want to right about, your choice must be different from the human rights issue you wrote about in your critical reading piece.
  2. The human rights issue can be a broad problem, such as human trafficking, or you might like to focus on a problem within a specific case, for example the treatment of the Rohingya in Myanmar. The possibilities are endless, just make sure that you can clearly identify the problem and offer practical policy recommendations.
  3. The task is to identify and clearly outline the human rights issue. This means you need to discuss both the empirical problem (provide evidence of the problem occurring) and how and why this constitutes a breach in human rights. So, you will need to discuss, what the specific human rights provisions you are addressing mean and what their practical implications are. This requires you to demonstrate which human rights norms/ instruments are being violated by the actions you have chosen to write about. As we will discuss throughout the course most human rights issues are cross cutting (i.e. they speak to multiple human rights violations), while others may be a clear violation of one set of human rights norms. In addition, it may be that the human rights issue you are talking about causes other supplementary human rights violations – so it is important in your paper that you acknowledge this if it is the case.
  4. Finally, you will need to offer distinct, feasible solutions to the problem. We will discuss the complexity of this further as we move throughout the course – BUT when writing your policy paper there needs to be an acknowledgement/ assessment of the complexity of the problem you are trying to address – this will require you to consider the potential obstacles to implementation. For example, your proposed solution to the human rights violation may have a negative impact on another human rights norm, it is your task to discuss and assess the pros and cons of your policy suggestions.

Some Further Guidance on Structure

Your major assessment requires you to produce a report on a human rights issues/problem. 

Please note: this is not an essay and therefore it should not be structured like one. To help you with a structure, I have provided you with a suggested outline below. If you want some more guidance it would be a good idea to look through some of the country reports of either Human Rights Watch or Amnesty International. 

For example:

Human Rights Watch, July 20, 2018 You Don’t Want to Breathe Pesticides anymore: The Failing Response to Pesticide Drift in Brazil’s Rural Communities


Amnesty International, 2016, Island of Despair: Australia’s “processing” of refugees on Nauru.

Suggested Structure (Please keep in mind this is only a suggested structure) 

1. Executive Summary

This is a one paragraph overview of the problem and your solution to it. In the workplace, the executive summary gives people an idea of whether this is a document they want/need to keep reading. It should give them a good sense of the content of the report but without going into detail.

2. The Empirical Problem (choose your own descriptive heading for this – something that tells us about the nature of the problem you are reporting on)

In this section you detail the nature of the problem with evidence. For example, if you are reporting on human trafficking, you need to describe the nature and extent of the problem. You can refer to studies conducted on the topic and perhaps provide some statistics on the number of people involved, the locations this takes place and so on. 

3. Analysis

In this section you need to provide an assessment of the particular human rights that are being breached. To do this effectively, you need to explain what each human right entails, what its origins are (i.e. which human rights documents it is found in), who has an obligation to prevent it or address it and so on.

4. Policy Recommendations

In this section you provide your recommendations on how the problem you have identified could be addressed. Be sure to consider the pros and cons of the recommendations you make and to explain how they will help.

You might like to finish your report with a Summary of Recommendations. This can be presented as a list.

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Topic: EBP nursing essay Paper questions and answers assignment

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Write a fully developed and detailed APA paper addressing each of the following points/questions. There is no required word count; be sure to completely answer all the questions for each question in detail.

Separate each section in your paper with a clear heading that allows your professor to know which bullet you are addressing in that section of your paper. References are required; make sure to cite using the APA writing style for the essay and complete a reference page.

The cover page is required. Review the rubric criteria for this assignment. The Task: Utilize the databases identified in the text to locate an Evidence-Based Practice Guideline, related to your topic identified in Module 1. Perform a rapid critical appraisal of the Evidence-Based Guideline by answering the following questions in APA format.

All questions should be answered in detail and explanations offered according to guideline content when applicable.• Who were the guideline developers? • Were the developers of the guideline representative of key stakeholders in this specialty (interdisciplinary)?
• Who funded the guideline development?
• Were any of the guideline developers funded researchers of the reviewed studies?
• Did the team have a valid development strategy?
• Was an explicit (how decisions were made), sensible, and impartial process used to identify, select, and combine evidence?
• Did its developers carry out comprehensive, reproducible literature review within the past 12 months of its publication/revision?
• Were all important options and outcomes considered?
• Is each recommendation in the guideline tagged by the level/strength of evidence upon which it is based and linked to the scientific evidence?
• Do the guidelines make explicit recommendations (reflecting value judgments about the outcomes)?
• Has the guideline been subjected to peer review and testing?
• Is the intent of use provided (i.e. national, regional, local)?
• Are the recommendations clinically relevant?
• Will the recommendations help me in caring for my patients?
• Are the recommendations practical/feasible? Are resources (people and equipment) available?
• Are the recommendations a major variation from current practice? Can the outcomes be measured through standard care?
Be sure to include the database from which the guideline was obtained and please submit a copy of the guideline with your paper. Please be sure to answer the questions thoroughly using complete sentences and APA format. Explain responses to yes/no questions in detail by presenting information found in the study to support your response.
Provide a reference for the guideline according to APA format and a copy of the guideline.
This assignment must be written in complete sentences (not just a numbered list) using APA format.
Purpose: To allow students to explore how clinical practice guidelines can reduce variation in care and optimize population health outcomes. Students will also demonstrate ability to identify reliable sources of clinical practice guidelines and discuss key components for rapid critical appraisal of a clinical practice guidelines.
Assignment Expectations:
Length: Clearly and fully answer all questions; include database; attach a copy of the guideline
Structure: Include a title page and reference page (if sources were used) in APA format. Your essay must include an introduction and a conclusion.

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Type of assignment-Essay
Pages / words-4 / 1100
Number of sources-8
Academic level-Sophomore (College 2nd year)
Paper format-APA
Line spacing-Double
Language style
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Topic: Managerial Accounting Decisions Power Point presentation

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You have been approached by a potential client who could bring you considerable business. She says, “I’d like to find an alternative vendor for my future orders of 5,000/yr., but their pricing must be competitive.”

Your CFO has supplied you with the following information. Current product standard costs are as follows:

Selling price per unit: $5,000
$1,400/unit direct material
$400/unit direct labor
$200/unit variable overhead
$200/unit fixed overhead (this figure is the result of the budgeted fixed overhead of $2,000,000 and budgeted sales volume of 10,000 units)
Income Tax rate = 40%
The board of directors has requested a thorough presentation to determine whether taking on this potential customer is a good idea. Assume that your factory is fully operational and that you will not have any learning curve impacts.

In your presentation, answer the following questions from the board using the data from the CFO:

What is meant by cost variance?
What is an effective way to incorporate variance analysis in the budget process?
What are the differences between labor and material variances?
How is a quantity variance different from a rate variance?
What are the subcomponents of fixed overhead?
What are the subcomponents of variable overhead?
What is the lowest possible price you could offer to this potential customer (you know that you have sufficient capacity without working overtime and without adding any new equipment to make this order)? Please show your calculations.
In terms of capacity, under what conditions would offering this lowest possible price be a bad decision? Why?
Create a pro-forma income statement to show a net income/net loss for the year.
You have been considering investing in automation to eliminate some factory labor if you get this large order. This technology advancement will cost an added $100,000/yr. to lease (net of taxes), but it will reduce labor cost/unit on the customer’s units by 50%. How would this change the lowest possible price you could offer to this potential customer and at least still break even? Please show your calculations.

Appraise and use cost-volume-profit analysis, and explain capital budgeting techniques
Argue the issues involved with transfer pricing in multidivisional companies
Demonstrate the use of decision models and cost analysis under uncertainty
Evaluate the importance of strategic planning and budgeting, including behavioral issues.

Type of service-Academic paper writing
Type of assignment-Power Point presentation
Subject-Not defined
Pages / words-10 / 1500
Number of sources-3
Academic level-Senior (College 4th year)
Paper format-APA
Line spacing-Double
Language style
US English

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