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Challenges and opportunities in the music industry R n B

Challenges and opportunities in the music industry
The challenges facing today’s music industry are diverse as the music helps users to enjoy and is getting harder to break into artist’s environment. The pressure of artists in content creation and promotion have not been higher, and at times, people embracing the opportunities of digital streaming and landscape benefits most from music.
Therefore, for music streaming platforms standing out against competitors is the biggest challenge given that music libraries are similar to a few expectations that are not inclusive in the music content. As a result, for companies to answer the problem, they need to work closely with artists and offer music content that engages fans and innovate music experience.
On the other hand, music industries provide an opportunity to promote local culture products nationally and internationally. Music has become a core artistic event and plays an essential role in music genres exposure and marketing artists supporting some countries and regions as attractive destinations for tourism.
The potential of music industries in terms of tourism growth in some areas has drawn audiences to specific music tourism and location that enables domestic music industries to grow (Polymenopoulou,& Eleni 2011).
Music industries have also developed and trained the talents of local performers as musicians are invited to run musical workshops for local performers; therefore, networking to promote emerging artists.
In conclusion, the government should introduce and promote local and culture music development as a role of instilling cultural pride in appreciation of local music artists. The introduction of culture and dance groups should also be introduced as an extra-curricular activity to enable several young artists to develop music skills. The composition of new songs should also create lyrics and development of arrangements done in segments of value chain created by performing artists themselves.

Work Cited
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