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Child and human trafficking in China essay


Child trafficking and all other forms of trafficking are abominable acts that people all over the world should strive to eliminate. In China especially there have been many cases of trafficking both of children as well as sex trafficking.

Traffickers have taken to devious means such as starting sites on the internet posing as adoption sites. The government later discovered that these were avenues for the sale of children. On February 28, 2014, 382 babies were rescued in a sting operation where more than 1000 individuals were arrested.

Poverty in China may be a major contributing factor leading to child trafficking. There is also a form of population control where families are limited to one child. Due to the obvious bias to have sons, those who bear daughters are forced to sell them to create room for another child, a son.

China is working to relax this one child restriction as well as impose strict punishments for those found having committed such offences, which hopefully will reduce child trafficking in the country.

One major downfall of such an operation would be that after the rescue of these children, it is not obvious that they are reunited with their families. They are taken to orphanages where if not claimed, will remain until they have reached the age of 18 where they are let go and required to fend for themselves.

Orphanages are facing overcrowding due to the sudden rise of child trafficking. Children kidnapped internally are mostly boys who are sold to couples that are not able to have children.

Also due to the shortage of marriageable women, there has been an increase in demand for the trafficking of women for forced marriages.

All these forms of illegal acts are solely brought about by unemployment in China. The government therefore should strive to create means to create employment and stop child or even women trafficking.


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