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Child sex trafficking in the United States

Child sex trafficking in the United States
Sex trafficking is an arrangement of human trafficking which involves commercial sexual and reproductive slavery exploitation. It includes the transportation of persons through deception, coercion, and forced into slavery and exploitative conditions and is mostly associated with organized crime (Cheepprasop, & Abdul Wahab 2018). Two third of trafficking victims in the united states are foreign-born who come in the country legally on different visas where women and girls are more trafficked every year. The precautions against trafficking women focus on punishments and harsh criminal legislation and improving police cooperation, where campaigns are designed to give information to the public as well as potential victims.
Human trafficking occurs consistently in high population areas that serve international travel and that have a significant immigrant population where the departments of justice report that high concentration of survivors located ( Toney-Butler, T & Mittel 2019). However, more victims have been granted and applied for certification entails that the victim is willing to work together with the police exploration. The submission for certification requires support from law implementation if the victims are not useful to the case or if the police do not want to follow suit and will not be totaled as victims of human trafficking.
Children who considered as a runaway for some time in the united states have the risk of prostitution or being trafficked into sexual industries and engaging in sexual activities in exchange for money. Labor unions in the countries have indicated that boys are at high risks of being trafficked into the drug trade, agriculture work, and petty crimes as girls are forced into domestic and sex work. Some vulnerability has led to high susceptibility to human trafficking that includes natural disasters, drug abuse, and unemployment. The united states have accepted the risk of job proposition where once the victim falls, they are kept under control of deportation and isolation, thus leading to physical and emotional abuse.

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