Children’s storybooks and mental state references


2000- 2500 word Question and Answer format Investigative Study Report

Overview: This assignment requires you to carry out a brief investigative study.
INVESTIGATIVE STUDY: Children’s storybooks and mental state references

Investigative Study- Children’s storybooks and mental state references
Children’s storybooks help children to understand mental states, that is, the thinking and feelings of themselves and others, a cognitive ability known as Theory of Mind. This study provides an opportunity to explore the mental state references in children’s storybooks across cultures.

1. Select 4 children’s story books aimed at children aged 2-8 years. Two of the storybook books should represent one cultural background (e.g Australian, British, Canadian) and two of the books should represent a different cultural background (e.g. Indigenous Australian, South American, Asian).
2. Read these books.
3. Analyse each book to identify references to mental states. This could be depicted by what the characters are doing or what the characters are saying. For example, ‘She was crying because Jane couldn’t come to her birthday party’, ‘Mum, I really want a puppy for my birthday’
4. Make a note of the examples in the books and review them again.
5. Keep your data sheets at hand to record information as you read the books
6. Record information on the data collection sheets.

Critically analyse a MINIMUM of 8-12 journal articles, in addition to the core article assigned for our study, and clearly indicate how they inform your findings.

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