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Chinese and Western Calligraphy 

Chinese and Western Calligraphy  role in the history of China

Calligraphy also referred to as artistic writing, is a kind of writing that utilizes fancy lettering. Simply calligraphers’ emphasis is more on the letter design and appearance rather than speed and ease in writing. Student willing to learn calligraphy may take several years before they master the whole concept.

Chinese calligraphy plays an important role in the history of China. Actually, it is the backbone of all the artistic tradition. This type of art was and remains very dominant mode of communication.

Through this, Chinese has greatly utilized in communicating and expressing their emotions to the world using visual arts. The Chinese calligraphy dates back to 400 years. With the current trends in globalization, many are adopting Chinese calligraphy.

Western calligraphy dates back to the time of Greek and Latin. The history dates this back to the time of the Sumerian Cuneiform script-400BC. The cuneiform are the earliest written expressions and they marked the beginning of pictographs.

During this period, it marked the development of letters and alphabets. It is important to differentiate between the western and Chinese calligraphy. In western, the calligraphy is all about good writing and beauty following a given trend. In western artisan are trained compared to Chinese, which was practiced by monks.



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