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Chronic Illness Management in Primary Care


Chronic diseases are the leading cause of illness, disability and death in Australia (AIHW, 2015)
Discuss the role of the nurse in delivering interprofessional person-centred care, which addresses illness
prevention, promotes self-management and is responsive to the changing needs of the patient as they
progress through the disease process within the primary care setting. Your essay should focus on one
diagnostic group .
Please Write about DIABETES

NOTE: Your discussion must focus on the delivery of nursing care in the PRIMARY CARE CONTEXT.
Introduction (200-300 words)
Your introduction should briefly describe your chosen topic (background), why it is important and set out
for the reader what you plan to cover in your paper (scope).

Body (Total 2300-2500 words)
● Provide context by outlining the pathophysiology of the chosen diagnosis and how the signs and
symptoms may impact a person’s life (250 words)
● Define interprofessional practice and provide reasons for the uses of this practice. Include a brief
outline of the nurse’s role in interprofessional practice (350 words)
● In the context of the primary care setting, consider your findings above and critically analyse how
this role might address illness prevention, promotion of self-management and remaining
responsive to changing patient needs. You will need to define your terms and describe each of
your major points to establish and develop your argument (1500 words)
● Provide recommendations for practice based on your discussion and findings (300 words)
Conclusion (300-400 words)
Restate your original discussion, summarize your major points and conclusions/recommendations drawn.
Do not include new information here.



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