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“Company analysis” Writing Assignment

Appendix B: Writing Assignment Requirements
Format and Content Instructions:
1. Individually write a 1 page (3/4 to 1 page) single-spaced “company analysis” (plus cover page, references, and appendices) in Microsoft Word (see below for example of a cover page).
2. Use legitimate sources (published articles, company web site, and recognized print and on-line news organizations); there should be at least 3 cites (not including the textbook). Theories from the textbook can be incorporated as an additional source.
3. Research one of the following companies and determine the current state of the organization: Walgreens, CVS, Amazon, Wal-mart, Facebook, Starbucks, Intel, Marriott, Chick-Filet, or Buffalo Wild Wings. Specifically, identify and thoroughly discuss the key issues facing the organization (based on your analysis) and provide specific recommendations for top management to address these issues.
o Research: After analyzing the company (reviewing the company’s web site and reading articles about the company) and performing the SWOT analysis, identify the top issues facing the company you have chosen (these may be problems and/or opportunities).
• Review and use the material in chapter 6 (particularly creating a competitive advantage in an industry).
• Conduct a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) (see section 5.9b and Exhibit 5.8), as the basis for your analysis. The main SWOT analysis can be included as an appendix, but is only one tool for understanding the current state of the organization. That is, the report should incorporate the results from your SWOT analysis, but should include additional analysis as well.
• For each issue, discuss the relevant causes and impacts, and provide sound reasoning to support your views.
o Recommendations: Provide your recommendations for the organization’s leadership. In other words, what specific actions should management take to efficiently and effectively address the issues you have identified? Again, it is critical that you provide sound reasoning to support your positions.
Style Instructions:
1. The assignment will be graded based on content and presentation.
2. The report should be professional and have no apparent grammar, punctuation or spelling errors.
3. Word choice is extremely important. Students are expected to use relevant business terminology in this report.
4. Submit the assignment as a single Microsoft Word document (1 file only).
5. Use the Grading Rubric for Assignments (see appendix C) for further guidance.

Report Outline:
1. Cover page (Cover page (see Getting Started Module)
2. Body of report (suggested outline) will likely be 4-6 paragraphs, but kept to 1 single-spaced page:
o Introduction: briefly explain the purpose of the report (why is this important), definitions and descriptions of topic/issues, and outline of paper (1 short paragraph).
o Research: based on information from legitimate publications and includes some of your conclusions from your SWOT analysis (2-3 paragraphs); however, the full SWOT analysis should be included in the appendix as supplemental material. Please refer the reader to the appendix (e.g., see appendix) for additional details.
o Conclusion: summary of key findings and implications for the organization and provide any recommendations or actions managers should take to improve the organization (1-2 paragraphs).
3. References (separate page)
4. Appendices (separate pages)
Assignment Grading
The report will be graded based on the following (review the Report Writing Guidelines handout posted on the Getting Started page):
1. Grammar/punctuation/word choice, spelling, sentence and paragraph structure, using active voice, avoiding pronouns (I, me, you), being direct and concise, and overall writing.
2. Presentation (does it look professional): follow APA (margins (1”), page numbers, etc.), include a cover page, and references (should be in APA format)—see web links for a list of web sites for help; the only exceptions are that I want it single-spaced and don’t require a running head for a 1 page report.
3. Correctness of the assignment (did student follow directions).
4. Content (depth and thoroughness) and clarity of writing.
5. Final report (submitted through Canvas Assignment Turnitin link).
6. For specific details of grading criteria see the Grading Rubric for Assignments (appendix C).


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