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Compare and contrast Theories of Crime causation

Theories of Crime causation

Theories of crime causation vary greatly. A few believe that concentrated poverty causes crime. Others claim that criminal behaviors are generally as a result of negative thought and reactions to normal people and characters. Other theories go further ahead and claim substance abuse mental health and the sort are mainly responsible for major criminal offenses

One theory that tries to expound more about the causes of crime is the poverty concentration theory. Those who believe in this theory believe that criminality is the outcome of deteriorating communities.

Those who are claimed to be wealthy and educated i.e. thy have money, tend to retreat and neglect those areas where individuals have less skills in life and insufficient resources. They tend to believe that the setting where such people live and the regular influence they are exposed will steer majority of them to criminal activities.

Other people usually support much complicated theories of crime causation but they sometimes believe the behavior criminal exhibit can be explained through their human character.

In life, some will experience anger, jealousy and desire. While some will deal with such experiences in a legal manner, criminologists believe that such feelings will direct criminal actions.

Poor upbringing and unaddressed psychological problems are other major causation factors.


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