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Comprehensive Health Services & Systems Analysis


Mayo Clinic Healthcare system (https://mayoclinichealthsystem.org/) is the healthcare system we are studying and analyzing.
Please see attached content areas and grading criteria


You are going to conduct a Comprehensive Health Services and Systems Analysis (CHSSA) and develop a detailed report. This report will be prepared over the course of 7 weeks with specific sections of the report being developed each week and submitted for review. In this assignment you will:

1. Select a State, large city or comprehensive healthcare system to study.
2. Conduct individual research, gather and interpret data.
3. Prepare a table of contents, figures, tables, graphs and other illustrations.
4. Develop appendices to support major sections of the report.
5. Submit your final paper using “Vericite” for professional integrity and plagiarism(please see

syllabus for instructions).

https://engagelms.scranton.edu/learn/mod/assign/view.php?id=317998 1/5

10/23/2019 Assignment

6. Use appropriate references and sources of information.

7. Submit specific sections of the report in week #1, week #2, week #4 and week #7.
8. Consult with other students in the course to get ideas and share sources of information.
9. Properly cite sources and develop a reference section.
10. Conduct graduate level research and writing.

Your professional paper must reflect graduate level work, writing skills, research efforts, critical thinking and analysis. The report must be typed and double spaced. You must use headings and subheadings as you develop your systems framework. The paper must be clear and concise with no spelling or grammar errors. You will use the publication style of the American

Psychological Association, Publication Manual of APA, 6th edition, 2009. Failure to submit an accurate, well organized, and comprehensive professional report will result in a reduced grade. All sections of the paper must be submitted for examination by the due dates so designated. Your completed paper should not exceed 50 pages and is submitted at the end of week #7.


1. Only the final submission in week #7 will be graded by the Professor. The work submitted in week #1, week #2 and week #4 will be reviewed to monitor your progress in completing the assignment.
2. Work that is plagiarized will result in the paper being returned to be properly redone with a
reduction in 2 letter grades.
3. The paper must reflect graduate level research, writing skills, critical thinking and analysis.
4. For the written assignment in week #7, your assignment will utilize the “Vericite” feature. This will indicate the authenticity of your work and identify any plagiarism. Read the information on using “Turnitin” very carefully before you submit your paper.

5. You are encouraged to consult with other students in the course to get their ideas and feedback on your efforts. Students are encouraged to share reliable and valid sources of information.
6. In order to make sure that all required areas are addressed, it is recommended that the paper contain headings corresponding to Content Areas 2-12 as detailed in the grading criteria below.


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