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Conflict resolution in the workplace essay

Conflict resolution in the workplace

Colleagues in the workplace disagree on different issues which arise daily in the workplace. The senior management can also strife with their subordinates making the working environment unbearable and failure of them to work harmoniously and together towards achieving the goals of the company. Workers are however bound to disagree and its completely normal as everyone has their own way of way of doing things and will also differ due to their different beliefs as they come from diverse backgrounds. They can also occur due to the different interests and values of each individual, competition for the limited resources in order to effectively do their jobs, poor communication and poor performance especially by some members of the team who are deemed slow or incompetent.

Some people may choose to walk away from the conflict while others may decide to tackle them head on. Some may decide to hide from the problem by avoiding it with the hope that the conflict will go away. Others may decide to collaborate and address the problem so as to find a mutually benefitting solution. Others may compromise by finding a middle ground with the believe that when you give little there is something to be gained in return. Others will decide to compete with their ‘rival’ while others will try to be accommodative by giving up on their own needs and wishes just to please the other party.

The different techniques which can be used to effectively end or minimize these conflicts include clearly articulating the cause of the conflict while openly acknowledging the different opinions of both parties. This will help in coming up with a solution that will mutually benefit both parties despite their differences.

Make clear reasons as to why the conflict should be ended. With the conflict in the way the friction between the coworkers will affect their output as there is lack of harmony between their efforts. A successful company is usually as a result of the good relationship between the employees. A clear strategy of how the conflict will be dealt with should be clearly stipulated and communicated.

Conflicts should be dealt face-t-face instead of forwarded memos and emails. This is because face-to-face interaction will help in instant clarification and communication of the misunderstanding between the two parties. During resolution, ensure that you stick to the issue at hand and avoid deviating. Address specific behaviors and situations instead of name calling if change is to be realized.

Ensure that you take enough time to work out the differences. If you feel that a solution will not be found immediately ask for timeout if necessary and resume when you feel that the time is right. This is because emotions are bound to interfere with arriving at a productive resolution.


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