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Cord blood Stem Cells uses & therapies

An approx. 8-10 page brief of double-spaced text – basically, a list of relevant information. You should include your references, and diagrams can be used if helpful and consider accessing recent journals, including Cell Stem Cell, Stem Cell Review and Report, Cell, Nature, etc. 1) what is known about your chosen Stem Cell therapy or product, and what has been demonstrated in animal models, human cells in vitro and humans in clinical trials (if any) 2) how the therapy would be accomplished a. what materials/cells would you use & why b. what procedures (how would you acquire, prepare, expand, maintain and administer cells) would you use & why c. what preliminary animal & cell & human experiments would you perform & why d. what are some of the possible problems you forsee (such as technical issues, maintenance of SC transplants (If relevant) therapeutic risks, regulatory issues and/or ethical issues, opportunities for commercialization, and just what do you want to know about the ‘donor’ of the SCs….and why?) e. what are some of the possible ancillary products you might be able to commercialize from this project Please provide all references and if you are quoting an author please cite them. Please follow the details to make sure that it is done to specs. Lastly, I will run the paper through a plagiarism program and will not approve it if it is plagiarized. This research paper need to be from scratch. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you


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