Creating a development report for a particular site


The assessment for this course unit is designed around the student carrying out relevant research to produce a credible development proposal for a stated site. There are two options: one involves more research on the planning background and the other requires more detailed financial appraisal.
For Stream A, students select their own site (normally within northern England) and carry out detailed research into the planning background and property market before identifying potential options (maximum of three). Having selected one option, you will then carry out a residual appraisal to identify how much could be paid for the land.
result for its sensitivity to changes in the assumptions made and general development environment.
For Stream B, students will use the master planning framework for a given site, Mayfield in central Manchester and, having researched the property market, will identify possible options for a mixed-use development on part of the site. You will carry out an initial residual appraisal to identify how much could be paid for the selected parcel of land. You will then carry out more detailed cash flow appraisals to refine the proposal and test the results for sensitivity. You will consider how the scheme will be financed and the impact that this may have on the financial appraisals.

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