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Also known as crowd control, crowd management is the controlling of a crowd, or a large number of people that have been gathered at a certain place at a particular time for a common reason and purpose, to prevent the outbreak of disorder and prevention of possible riot.  More often than not, big gatherings of people raise the odds of a dangerous occurrence happening.

Moreover, individuals within a crowd always take for granted that others have the responsibility. The big gatherings of people make a lot of things impossible such as changes in action and communications slower and more complicated. Crowd management is needed in many sectors for example in sporting events like soccer matches, when a sale of goods has attracted an excess of customers, refugee control, mass decontamination and mass quarantine situations. It calls for gentler tactics than those of riot control.

Materials such as stanchions, crowd control barriers, fences and decals painted on the ground can be used to direct a crowd. Keeping the crowd comfortable and relaxed is also essential, so things like cooling fans in hot weather and entertainment are sometimes provided to preoccupy the crowd.

Particularly important to crowd management is the identification of roles played by different people such as the police and those attending. The proper drawing of lines that should not be crossed by certain individuals facilitates order and respect for authority.

Whenever you are considering holding or hosting an event, crowd management is one of the most important and crucial things to consider before the onset of the event.


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