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David and Sons LLC Marketing Strategies

David and Sons LLC Marketing Strategies

Businesses employ a variety of marketing strategies to promote their product and services. According to Ferell and Hartline (2007), marketing strategies refer to the overall plan used by enterprises to reach prospective customers of their product and services. They arise from market research and focus on employing the right marketing mix (product, price, place, and promotion) to enable firms to achieve the maximum profit. Thus, marketing strategies help enterprises to promote their goods and services and make profits. David and Sons LLC is among the business organizations that are developing marketing strategies to sell its product and services. The goal of the present research is to examine the success factors for a marketing strategy for David and Sons LLC in the construction and building industry.
David and Sons LLC is a family-managed business formed in 2019. Thus, it is a startup. The enterprise prides itself in the ability to deliver top performance, expertise, and professionalism that are the foundation of its success. The specialists focus on delivering quality outcomes and beautiful finishes in construction projects to guarantee the contentment of customers, and it has the capability to build mass units as well as customized houses to meet the design specifications of the owners. The business employs the latest equipment and tools to build modern and lasting housing. The emphasis on quality has led to the business becoming one of the most recognizable construction firms in Baton Rouge.
The present analysis aims to assess the success factors that influence the marketing strategy used by David and Sons LLC. In this regard, the researcher intends to evaluate the business’s approach to marketing focusing on factors, such as the marketing mix, SWOT analysis, and target market. The goal is to evaluate the various components of the marketing strategy chosen by David and Sons LLC to determine the value they create for the enterprise
The steps that businesses follow to transition from a startup to an organization capable of sustainable and profitable growth are not apparent to many entrepreneurs (Picken 2017). Business owners have to manage a variety of aspects to enable enterprises to become profitable, and marketing is an essential step because it allows companies to attract and retain customers. However, firms experience significant difficulties choosing the most appropriate techniques to market their products and services, especially in their initial stages (Levinson and Levinson 2008).David and Sons LLC is a startup that is trying to establish its presence in the market, and the business needs to choose the right marketing strategies to gain a share of the market and continue growing. Marketing strategies play a vital role in helping businesses to develop plans to address the needs of customers. Furthermore, a suitable marketing strategy is the foundation for competitive advantage in the market and promoted brand recognition. As a recent entrant into the construction market, David and Sons LLC need to discover the right marketing strategies to become competitive. Thus, the business must identify appropriate marketing strategies to gain a share of the market and realize profitability.
Problem Statement
Picken (2017) suggests that research into the way startups grow into sustainable organizations has received minimal attention in the scholarly world. Beier (2016) agrees with the investigator stressing the importance of analyzing the use of experiments to apply data-based decisions in companies. The researchers indicate that there has been little research on the way to help startups realize success. Consequently, they make efforts to address some of the gaps they have identified. In the case of Picken (2017), the investigator addresses the transitions of a startup focusing on issues such as processes and resources. Thus, the researcher goes into a subject that is not the focus of this study. The direction of the studies shows the importance of further research into marketing strategies for startups. In this case, the issue is identifying the appropriate marketing strategies for a startup in the construction industry.
Startups play a critical role in the economy. They increase government revenues through taxes and create employment (Reynolds and Curtin 2010). Startups also contribute to the maintenance of America’s leadership of entrepreneurship, but that position is under threat. According to Florida and Hathaway (2018), globalization of entrepreneurship has created greater competition across countries, and countries such as China are an example of the way nations are gaining on the U.S. Although the United States remains the leader across the globe, there is need for action to enable more entrepreneurs succeed. One of the ways to realize the goal is to examine ways to help startups grow. Marketing plays a vital function in the realization of this goal because it helps the enterprises acquire customers who are the reason they exist. Therefore, the present analysis will focus on identifying the suitable marketing strategies that a startup in the construction industry, David and Sons LLC, can use to increase the possibility of success in the market.
The justification for this study raises a question concerning the relevance of studying marketing strategies as way to help businesses succeed, and the answer lies in the significance of customers in businesses. Gibson (2013) asserts that customers can cause the greatest disruption to an enterprise. Consumers establish the value of a firm by purchasing the goods and services an organization provides. As a result, they shape the destiny of a company. Business owners must think of ways to reach and maintain customers, and marketing strategies have a considerable influence on the success of this goal. The significance of marketing strategies make it essential to examine the way startups can develop suitable ways to promote their products and services to guarantee effective communication with customers.
Significance of the Research
As demonstrated in the problem statement, there has been minimal effort in the scholarly field to examine the way startups can achieve growth. The few researchers who have examined the topic have focused on other areas, such as processes and resources. When it comes to marketing, researchers have stressed different types of organizations. However, there has not been a comprehensive review of all the industries in the U.S. economy. The present analysis is aimed at examining nature of businesses in the construction sector, with particular focus to enhancing operations of David and Sons LLC. The intention is to continue growing academic information on the way to enable startups to realize success and continue supporting the economy of the United States. The research will address the way the business can create and implement its marketing strategy to grow its presence in the market, obtain more customers, and achieve greater profits. Marketing strategy includes the overall marketing plan used by businesses to reach prospective customers and sell goods and services (Ferell and Hartline 2007). Therefore, the goal of the study is to examine the techniques employed by David and Sons LLC to influence customers and increase the profits of the business. Success factors are the components of the marketing strategies that make it possible for the company to reach customers and market its product and services. They include the components that make it possible for the company to achieve the objectives of the marketing technique.

Research Aim
The goal of the research is to analyze and develop a marketing strategy for a startup company in the construction industry.
Research Objectives
Analyze and identify the potential marketing strategies that David and Sons LLC can employ considering its stage in business.
Examine the potential benefits and challenges of the potential marketing strategies that David and Sons LLC can use.
Research Questions
What are the possible marketing strategies that a startup in the construction industry can use to acquire customers?
How do the possible marketing strategies affect the business?


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