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DaVita health care Inc

DaVita, Inc dedication to quality healthcare services

In United States of America, kidney diseases have increased in the last few decades. The increase mainly contributed by the gradually changing lifestyle in many households. Although the increase is alarming treatment and management in this new era has taken a new dimension.

DaVita health care Inc, one of the leading providers of dialysis services is dedicated and committed to improving the health of the patients by giving them quality health care services. The health care provider through a team of dedicated professions and experts in the area has helped set standards in clinical care and operational practices globally.

Dialysis is an expensive kidney care. It is estimated that a few people with the disease can access the retreatment due to elevated cost. However, with DaVita they have revolutionized the whole sector and made dialysis services affordable and accessible to all. In addition, they help manage the disease if it reaches to chronic levels.

Some of the services offered at DaVita include;

  • Home peritoneal dialysis- offered to patients with end stage renal disease. Helps improve the health of the patient.
  • Home hemodialysis-very popular to its benefits
  • In-center nocturnal dialysis-offered in the dialysis center
  • In-center dialysis-effective to those people whose kidney is fully damaged

Kent Thiry the CEO DaVita who truly changed the company to its current status after the 2005 rumored collapse of the company  went further ahead and is considering on how to integrate the workers from the recent Gambro care without altering the company unconventional and robust culture.

.Since he acquired Gambro together with the employees DaVita size doubled in size after the full integration process was completed. Although the integration is aimed at increasing profits, the company was worried about the impacts as the employees feared Thiry critical of new arrival culture or they be allowed to operate on their own.


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