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Discuss the expansion of the production of a multinational corporation in developing countries. Do its business practices provide an example of worker exploitation?


This paper should choose one public policy related to exploitation and answer the question is a specific public policy justified ? It can be conducted in different approach, please check a)b)c) below.

a) Look at how a single company benefitted from overall policy which aided its expansion of production in a developing country.

b) Look at how a single, specific policy in a developing country aided a multinational expand its production facilities.

c) policy is causally linked to the expansion of a multinational company, either in the country of origin or in the developing country, and evaluate that policy. Or evalaute business practices from the standpoint of exploitation and suggest a policy remedy for changing those practices.

essay must contain some ethical and empirical/economic analysis, use method like counterfactual analysis or cost benefit analysis. Also preferable talk about consumer/media pressure and competition can make the situation better use empirical example.


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