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Dissertation on gangs literature review chapter

Two components of the Level 6
40 credit level 6 module
10,000 word dissertation
Extended literature review

20 credit level 6 module
4000 word Research Awareness Portfolio
Set tasks and self reflections

The two modules are run together
Dissertation aims to develop your ability to:

Research and analyse an aspect of policing in depth
Construct and present well reasoned arguments
Manage the research process
Expand your knowledge on a specific aspect of policing

Assessment: 10,000 literature based review dissertation

The Research Awareness
The Research Awareness module aims to:

Raise your awareness of the qualities associated with academic writing
Provide you with understanding of both qualitative and quantitative research methods
Provide you with insight into the limitations and benefits of different research methods

Assessment – Research Awareness Portfolio

Identifying and reviewing the literature
Undergraduates researching for a thesis or dissertation are expected to show familiarity with their topic. Usually this takes the form of a summary of the literature which demonstrates the skills to search on a subject, compile accurate and consistent bibliographies and summarize key ideas showing critical awareness. They are expected to weigh up the contribution that particular ideas, positions or approaches have made to their topic. . . . continued on next slide

Questions to ask the literature Adapted from Hart (1998, p.14)
What are the key sources?
What are the key theories, concepts and ideas?
What are the main questions and problems that have been addressed to date?
How is the knowledge of the topic structured and organized?
What are the origins and definitions of the topic?
What are the political standpoints?
What are the major issues and debates about the topic?
What are the epistemological and ontological assumptions within a body of knowledge?


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