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Does police profiling exist?

Does police profiling exist?

There, is great concern about the existence of racial profiling. Profiling refers the practice by the police in viewing certain behaviors or characteristics as signs of criminal activities. In the past profiling had been seen as a very successful method of supplementing policing strategies.

Simply racial profiling occurs when a police officer stops, questions, searches or and arrests based on an individual ethnicity or race. Many critics have heavily criticized racial profiling and law-enforcing agencies have strongly denied its existence.

The issue of whether the stereotypic behavior exists or not is about approving and disapproving. Although many enquires have found that in a way it does exist. In most Western nations and most notably USA and Great Britain, police racial profiling has been acknowledged. In the most recent empirical evidence, claims support it existence in various jurisdictions.

A few situations have been filed proving that racial profiling exists in a few police stops. The evidence showed that the probability of a black driver succumbing to racial profiling was twice as high as compared to that of a white driver.

In conclusion, racial profiling though it is not very rampant still exist .This is a violation  to the constitution as the law accords equal protection to all persons.


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