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Education system in Saudi Arabia essay


Education in Saudi Arabia is open to everybody, male and female. Since the country is based on Muslim values, implementation of the Qur’an and Hadith (teachings and practices of the Prophet Muhammad) is mandatory. Education is a requirement for every Muslim as emphasized in the holy book.

Saudi Arabia’s education system has undergone various changes since after establishment of the Kingdom where education was available to very few people, mostly the children of wealthy families living in big cities. Today, the country’s education system includes 25 public and 27 private universities. The country provides students with free education, books and health services.

Despite the fact that the study of Islam remains an important aspect in education, the system also provides quality instruction in fields of arts and sciences. This prepares its citizens for participation in all fields of life making the students complete to tackle all issues life throws at them.

The first university was established in 1957 known as King Saud University and was located in Riyadh. In 1954 consequently, the Ministry of Education was established, followed by the Ministry of Higher Education in 1975. Studies show that today, female students make up over half of the more than 6 million students currently enrolled.

Education in Saudi Arabia houses more than 5 million students mostly in primary schools. Controversies however based on the countries policies of education have placed the country on the spotlight with critics trying to correct their methods of teaching.

In the long run, the country provides education to every student that goes through the system. That being the case, their religious beliefs and country’s cultures should not be a source of criticism terming the country’s system of education as inadequate.


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