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Effective Communication in early childhood 

What to consider for effective Communication in early childhood

Effective Communication will generally involve sharing information and responding positively. Effective communication in early childhood will involve the child, early childhood educator and the parent. It helps build a very strong relationship between the three entities through honesty, respect and trust.

For there to exist a strong and effective communication in early childhood, there are various thing that parents and early childhood educators should take into consideration. Some include;-

Knowing the need and strengths of the child

Although it is said that children develop in their own different ways and rates, overall guidelines show that behaviors and skills of children are different at certain ages. Such attributes will help determine what the child might need and the help required and support to provide.

Many find it easy discussing such needs and strengths with their neighbors or family friends. To develop consistent result, check for a variety of pattern rather than an instance.

Sharing information

Once you successfully come up with consistent results regarding your child needs and strengths find a professional who will help you analyze them in an insightful way. The professional will help you with the best approaches to use while engaging with your child.


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