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Effects of drug abuse on family and society

Impact of substance abuse to the family

When on parent is abusing drugs, it may lead to the other trying to compensate the deficiencies caused by the substance abusing partner and often the children end up acting like surrogate spouses for the parent who abuses substances.

The children may develop a system to protect themselves from the reality of the parent abusing substance leading to them no acting age appropriately. On the other hand the parents of the adults abusing substances may maintain inappropriate dependent relationships with their grown off springs reducing the vital maturation process so necessary for both the child and their family.

Substance abuse does not only affect the nuclear family but the extended family too. The extended family my experience feelings of anger, bitterness, anxiety, fear and embarrassment and my want to cut off ties with the person with substance abuse disorder.

Some may even feel they need legal protection from the person.if both parents are substance abusers the extended family may be required to take care of the children.

The impact of substance abuse my go affecting up to generations, it can have a negative impact in molding trust, and role modeling which may damage relationships for generations. A child with a substance abusing parent my grow up to become a controlling overprotective parent.

Studies have shown that children from homes with drug abusive parents are more likely to experience divorce, need to control relationships and mental disorders like depression and anxiety.

Children of women who abuse drugs when pregnant are likely to suffer from low birth weight, fatal alcohol syndrome and sexually transmitted diseases.

Latency children(below age five) have schooling problems and teenagers are force to mature too early and take up responsibilities around the home like taking care of younger siblings. Substance abuse leads to inappropriate role taking and family subsystems.


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