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Effects of media technologies on Arab world

The media technologies are always interconnected with the daily practices and the cultures. In the Arab countries the media technologies are applied in the changing nature of production the political monetary flows and the increasing subjects on mobility. Also, the social media has greatly transformed the social, cultural and media life of the Arabs.

The top media technology used in the Arab is face book followed by twitter and finally YouTube.  These individuals therefore have greatly led to the widespread of new information sources in the Arab culture. This has existed despite the existing regulations on the usage the social media cites.

In addition the increased media technologies in those Arab countries have also led to raise in the privacy issues on the online users especially on their sensitive private issues. With these challenges the social and cultural aspects of the citizens have been at stake.

Moreover, media technologies have also led to political uprisings among the Arabs. This happened in a way that the social media was the key media used in mobilizing people towards this uprisings. In countries like Libya, Tunisia and Egypt, media technologies have been of use by the Protestants in following the activities and getting information about the progress of the actors.

In conclusion, the media technologies have greatly contributed to the exchange of the ideas and openness. Media has also acted as the means of communication in the Arab world. State dialogues have too been promoted by the media technologies.


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