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Effects of pollution on humans animals plants and the environment

How does pollution  affect the environment.

The practice of pollution has been obvious in this 21century. There   are  good  number  of  human  and  natural  activities  that have  been  occurring  in the  past.  Environment has since changed miraculously. The  residents  of  United  kingdom  have  witnessed several  challenges including  the  health  status  .  There  are various cause  of  pollution  that  have  currently  remained
persistent  , this  results  to  many  types  of  pollution . Many sources  of  pollutants  have  been  increasing  every  day we develop  new  life  skills  .   In  this  paper  we  shall  explore the  effects  of  pollution  to  the environment ,  the  causes  and major  types  of  pollution  – air ,  water ,  and  soil , sound
pollution .

How pollution has affected the environment. United  Kingdom  has  since  this  error  witnessed  great  negative and  positive environmental  changes .  This   is  due  to  increased pollution  of  the  environment . Pollution  can  be  as  a  result of  human  activities  or  natural  activities  that  have occurred in  this  nation .  In  attempt  of  integrating  of  technology  in the  agriculture and  industry  to  enhance  high  productivity  of food  and  products  which  is  of  course  helping  in  realizing national  development ,  I  remain  reluctant  when  pollution activities  take  the  order  of  the  day. This essay  will concentrate  on  the  effects  of  pollution  to  the environment ,  the  causes  and  the major  types  of  pollution .

Pollution  is  caused  by  several  factors  .The  developed country  has  got  a  lot  of activities   that   are   propelling the   economy.  The motor vehicles   that   are   not well maintained   and   airplane   can   cause pollution to  the
environment.  Others  include  :  Chemicals   and   petroleum from
refineries   that   are   not   treated  ,   farming   activities like  ,   agricultural   operations   of   growing   crops   and rising   animals  ,   plants   generating   electric   power   by burning   coal  ,   oil  ,   and   the   natural   gas  pollute  air
especially  when  emissions  of  smock  and  sulfur  dioxide are associated  with  smog’s . Environmental protection uk ,(2014).
Commercial   operations   of  dry  cleaners ,  bakeries ,   and local   garages  are  also  agents  of  pollution .    Forest operations   ,   mining    activities   ,   and   the   regular activities   of   the   municipality   of  preparing  drinking  water
and  wastewater  are serious  cause  of  environmental  pollution. Pollutants   have caused tremendous effects on the   environment. Air   pollution has caused a  lot of damage to the environment.

Once this   air   is   released  from   exhausted engines  and  vehicles in  bad  conditions,  it  damages  the plants, and   animals  inviting biodiversity  as  the  vegetation and  the   ecosystem  is  polluted. Polluted air  contains  mercury which  is  very harmful  when  released  to  the  environment. The  burning coal  may  have  tresses of  mercury that   are  exposed to the  air   and   from   the   cement   plants.

Several  strong winds moving at high speed cause   a   lot   of   soil erosion. This condition brings long  drought  seasons to the environment. Such   environmental  changes lead to food insecurity in   some areas. The pollutants have dangers to the health of the people as they are close to the environment that is polluted.

There are many types of pollutions that have occurred in the United Kingdom. This range from ,air pollution ,soil pollution, water pollution ,noise pollution, and other natural disasters that have finally left UK in serious crisis .Pollution of any type has affected the environment negatively especially causing the climatic changes .The scientist have had times to predict on the coming seasons due to inconsistence of the climatic circles .

Finally, the coming generation will find little to enjoy if this trend is still allowed to rise tall. There should be serious commitments to wards environmental conservation processes. This problem has become national challenge but it requires individual approach. I t should be an obligation of every individual citizen to collaborate with the national government to ensure such pollutants are not allowed to our environment if they are not treated .


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