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Entrepreneurship: submit a three to five-page report analyzing the technology chosen

Stage II of Course Project

Please draw up on Assignment 2 that you would have already completed in class. This second stage of your course project would basically be a summary of Assignment 2. However, please feel free to include any additional research findings since completion and submission of Assignment 2 in class.


You will submit a three to five-page report analyzing the technology chosen in Part I. The report should address an in-depth analysis of the following issues:
• Prior Art Research – this is the same as “background information” that you would have already collected and reported in a prior assignment. All you need to do here is to summarize that information here.
• Competitive Products – in this part, kindly report the closest similar other business/product that would have already identified in Assignment 2 on market research.
• Market Research – in this part of the assignment here, you would need to summarize the four market segments and their corresponding segment attributes that you would have identified in assignment 2 already.
• Preliminary Target Market – report which one is the most significant (based on size) of the four market segments. Provide sound logic as to why you would go after this segment as your primary target.
For those who would be going the licensing route, information on prior art can be obtained through researching the US Patent database. This is found at www.uspto.gov.

Grading Criteria
1. Prior art research (2 Points)
2. Competitive product. (1 Points)
3. Market Research, you can show the findings from Assignment 2 in a table. (4 Points)
4. Preliminary target market, you can show the findings of part 6 in Assignment 2 in a table here. (2 Points)
5. All standard Formatting as per instructions provided in syllabus. (10 points)


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