Essay Assignment: From Seed to Table

Essay Assignment: From Seed to Table
Students will select a specific food item or ingredient that could be considered part of a present,
past or future regional cuisine in Canada.
Students will trace its history from its origins to current use including the way it was first used,
how it was transported beyond its original environment and how it is used today. The historical
factors that affected its distribution, cost, and utilization will also be explored. Students will also
describe any attributes that have been used to promote the product and will identify any of the
ways in which the product has been adapted for modern use.
Finally, students are expected to justify through an evaluative, comparative or explicatory
judgment why this item could be considered part of the Canadian Cuisine.
Essays will be graded according to the clarity of organization, logic argumentation, syntax and
grammar of student writing, plus instructions and originality.
The essay length should be 1200- 1500 works. APA style.