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Ethical Issues for Risk Managers

The student will create a PowerPoint Presentation(I Want to do a regular paper, no a PW Point) from Chapter 6, Chapter 7 of the Textbook and the Article related to Week 3 (Choose your desire topic form these chapters).
The Presentation(PAPER) should have a minimum of 3-4 PAGES, including Title Page, Introduction, Conclusion, and References. The student must use other textbooks, research papers, and articles as references (minimum 3).
I would like to make my paper about Ethical Issues for Risk Managers (Chapter-6) Attached you will find details and instructions, including a draft paper, that paper has more than 4 pages, I want to resume paper into 3-4 pages.
NOTE: Paper says that student need to create a power point presentation, however I want to make a regular paper of 3 pages.


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