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Evolution and history of theatre in 18th and 19th century

Evolution and history of theatre in 18th and 19th century

The history of theatre is vast and cannot easily be compressed in a single article. Several nations experienced theatre for various purposes. Greek possessed a theatre for instance that was useful in celebrating religious festivals. The history of theatre in the world is very deep but we can tress special occasions from 18th to 19th centuries.

18th century theatre history

This is the period in the history of theatre that popularly experienced theatre. The first half of this century experienced the following actions from actors;

  • Performance of line while neglecting poses
  • They used modern cloths that were very fashionable
  • There was confusion among them on wearing dress that is finest

Garrick from Britain emerged as a star in acting. Nevertheless, he was the theatre manager who wrote several plays and acted plays done by Shakespeare. This was from 1741 to 1776 when he retired.

He denounces mimicking life and advocates speaking in a natural form which inspires realism as well as theatre naturalism.

In the history of theatre, ordinary people began to appear in plays that were written during this 18th century. Therefore, theatre was commercialized.

19th century american theatre

During this century, theatre was improved greatly because of industrial revolution. In the history of theatre, first, gas lighting was introduced followed by electrical lighting to illuminate the stage.

The stage was going through elaborate change to ensure that the sceneries are beautified. Acting was underrated and melodrama took the order of the day.

Finally, the actors are challenged to adapt to new acting –methods that are repeating the history of theatre.


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