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When did the western Roman empire start, end and how long it lasted

This was a period of decline in the West Roman Empire in which it disintegrated and split into many different states. The cultural influence is still felt up to date. The empire did not have the strength to rise again.

The events of the decline became a debatable subject and the fall of the Roman Republic was said to be a major reason for the fall of the kingdom. The empire suffered a serious crisis in the third century which was associated with rise of an empire known as Sassanid Empire that led to the crashing of Roman armies. Other problems that affected the empire were rising civil wars and barbarian invasions.

The empire however managed to survive the third century and was revived with more emphasis placed on the state’s army. The barbarians became accepted into the empire and they were given lands, recruited to the army and some of their leaders given positions in the leadership of the empire.

Cultural assimilation was sure to take place between the residents and the barbarians over the next few centuries. Official cruelty, support of extortion and corruption became widespread in the region. The emperors pretty much lost their control since anyone that provided money acquired control in one way or the other.

The rich families who did not pay tax took in more of the available wealth and income. The barbarians were in large numbers in the armies and their culture started being practiced in the army.

Slowly, the state of the empire started declining with the state’s currency facing lack of use. There were no more projects on architecture and more repairs were seen taking place than actual building. The efficiency of the army started going down.

With the many attacks and poor economy, the empire collapsed.


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