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Fat The Feminist Disease paper

Fat The Feminist Disease

It is  not new to anyone how many magazines and websites people have set up to help women deal with weigh issues. From exercises to diets to how many times to not eat to a break down of the genetics and how to fight the so that one can have the ideal weight. It bacons the question who said the right weigh was a certain number and not another number? Women are driving themselves crazy with the fat obsession, even to diseases like anorexia and more life threatening styles of keeping themselves thin. This essay will explain why fat is a social, feminist disease and women should strive to be proud of their bodies and embrace that there is a good thing in not being thin.

In her book Susie, (p 202) explain that there is no point in trying to be a certain way now because lik fashion these looks change. In here illusion, in the 1960s the woman was required to be thin, have a flat chest and straight hair. A few years later the tread changed to having rounder breasts and curly hair. Clearly not all women are born with a flat chest so those who had rounder chests in 1960s had to go through the torture of having to wrap a clothing around their chests to disguise it. Later, those who were not blessed with a rounder chest had to put filers in their bras.

Today, the trend is all about the women who have a pear shaped body where the lower half is well rounded and bigger than the upper body. It is all about women who can get a big round full bottom. As a result we witness many women going to get cheap butt fills that end up damaging their bodies and even causing them diseases like leprosy of physical disabilities all in the name of catching the eye of a man. Because the woman needs to be accepted, she feels she has no choice but to conform.

In her book, Susie (p 204) continues to say how women, even the most empowered have been raised from childhood to achieve the impossible task of having to catch a mans attention, get him to marry her and have and raise his children with him by her side, as the leader and she the follower. This is a mentality that many women hold on to and end up trying to be a certain size or faking a certain body type to attract the ‘guy of their dream’s’. they have forgotten that while their body figure and full lips will get her to attract the mans attention, nothing will guarantee that he will stay even after they have children except her personality and qualities as a person.

Whether she conforms or not it is only possible to attract and keep people around her if she is genuinely good spirited and fun to be with. Statistics show that 60% of adult women have at least one negative though about themselves every week. It also shows that the average woman spends 55 minutes on their looks everyday, calculating that is about two whose weeks a year wasted on looks. The study goes on to state that women often obsess about six body parts; thighs, butt, stomach, cellute, hair and the skin.

59% of women are worried about what others thinning about them compared to 41% of women. 82% of the women have said that they are always feeling like the could and should loose weight compared to 70% of men. The unrealistic about body shapes, skin smoothness and the amount of hair your head and body should have end up making women make it seem that their self-worth is solely determined by their appearances. As much it is good to invest in your looks the obsessiveness that has been put into women is barely attainable and realistic.

A woman should look at themselves this way; so what if your ankles are not the shape of the model you saw on TV, do they carry you through all the distances you walk? So what if you thing you stomach is too big, it carried or will carry the miracle of life that will truly be precious (Melisa, 2014). They should instead admire and appreciate just how amazing their bodies are. Besides are long as one is contented by eating healthy foods daily and exercising. It is much more productive to invest in the personality and talents than it is to invest in the looks that may eventually only hurt your self- esteem more.


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