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Food safety system in Saudi Arabia restaurants

Food safety system in Saudi Arabia restaurants

Food safety is paramount while preparing food for human consumption purposes. With an increase in food related illnesses and diseases, there are various measures put in place to help guarantee food safety at all stages starting from collection, processing, packaging, distribution until consumption.

Food safety system in Saudi Arabia is aimed at increasing the basic awareness and knowledge of food safety among the workers of the Saudi Arabia restaurant. The main objective is tom give the restaurant workers adequate training at all levels of food establishment.

The food safety system entails enlightening the restaurant management on the Importance of quality control department. Actually, before food is distributed to the customers it is the work of the quality control department .They test all the set standards and ensure they are met. All the seven basic components of quality control are included in the safety program.

Food technology is widely applied in all the Saudi Arabia restaurants. Although, it is advancement in technology, the implementation of this technology is compromising food safety. Study done has shown there is a rise in technology related diseases. Therefore, to reduce the occurrences, food safety program is acting upon proper training.


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