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Football hooliganism articles


Football hooliganism is experiences when football rival fans resort into violence over disagreements that result from decisions made by referees, historical superiority complexities cum antagonisms, violence in revenge to insults abusive cheering, when opponent player plays rough on their player among other reasons.

Additionally, football hooliganism happens when fans throw objects into the pitch aimed at harming the referee over his decisions. Fans in the same manner throw objects like bottles, stones, bananas, abusive language words to opponent players with the aim of irritating them or showing racial discrimination, and disrespect.

Hooliganism is as old as the emergence of football in Europe. But up to today, it has never ended irrespective is the increased civic education to society. This is because of the historical antagonisms that still lie unsolved. Fans resort to physical confrontation as their team loses in the field. These football fans are herd saying, “If you have managed to beat us in the field, you can’t beat us physically”.

Football Hooliganism exists in society currently. This is witnessed because some fans that go to watch matches in the field when drunk. They are unable to make sound decisions when they are frustrated by the match results. Hence, they resort to confrontations.

Football hooliganism also has not been prevented from society because of the deficiency in stewards deployed at the pitch during a football. This gives room for fan confrontations.

In conclusion, football hooliganism still exists in society. Measures should be put in place to provide education and other confrontations in football.


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