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Formal Business Report for a Management Team (2000 words)


Masters level : Health and social care
Advanced health care practice (module)

Question: Formal Business Report for a Management Team (2000 words)
Learning Outcome: Critically appraise the impact of integrative professional practice relating to Mental health nursing practice in health and social care .

Detailed guidance
Produce a report for a management team that critically appraises one aspect of current organisational practice.
The chosen aspect will be relevant to increasing or promoting the delivery of integrative care within your organisation.
This assessment enables you to reflect on current practice and then make recommendations for future improvements. The formal business report format enables you to work towards the Master’s Level Competencies.
When you write your report make sure that you do the following:
• Use headings and subheadings that relate specifically to the requirements of this assignment.
• Describe relevant aspects of your practice and service provision.
• Critically analyse specific aspects of current practice and/or policy by explaining what is problematic, incoherent, uncoordinated with other services or fragmented.
• Deconstruct relevant aspects of the influence of the medical model and medicalisation.
• Analyse issues of power.
• Critically analyse concepts, theories and paradigms relevant to integrative practice
• Use a model of change to present your vision and how you could facilitate change towards this.
• Include a SWOT analysis in a table format.
• Include your SMART objectives and relevant activities towards the change.
• Detail the barriers and resistance you expect to encounter and how these may be managed or countered.
• State how you will know what the impacts will be, if the change is successful.

Assessment Presentation
Please follow the presentation guidelines below.
Title Page
Your title page must include: 1) the name of the university, 2) the course title, 3) the module code and title, 4) the name of the module tutor, 5) the word count, and 6) declarations (see below).
Originality statement
‘I declare that this assessment is my own work and that I have correctly acknowledged the work of others using the Harvard referencing. This assessment is in accordance with University guidance on good academic conduct.’
Confidentiality statement (if applicable)
‘I declare that confidentiality of people discussed in this work is maintained; there is no identifiable information of these individuals.’
Your manuscript needs to;
• Include page numbers (pages should be numbered at the top right).
• Be double-spaced
• Have a 1-inch (2.54 cm) margin, Times New Roman or Arial, 12 font.
• Maintain the confidentiality of service users/patients/clients and persons associated with them, service colleagues and organisations.
• Include a reference list (Harvard referencing), headed with ‘References’ centred, do not make it bold. Please refer to Cite Them Right.
• Use ‘the author’ to describe yourself (however you can use ‘I’ or ‘my’ etc. in self-reflection e.g., this phenomenon was often present in my practice).

30 references


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