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Gay Marriage Unnatural critical essay

Read the excerpt from Sheldon given. Write a short critical essay (approximately 500-1000 words) in which you summarize and evaluate Sheldon’s argument or arguments.
Read the excerpt from Sheldon given below. Write a short critical essay (approximately 500-1000 words) in which you summarize and evaluate Sheldon’s argument or arguments according to an appropriate method from among those you have learned in the course so far.
Gay Marriage “Unnatural”
The Rev. Louis P. Sheldon
In everything which has been written and said about . . . homosexual marriage . . . , the most fundamental but important point has been overlooked. Marriage is both culturally and physiologically compatible but so-called homosexual marriage is neither culturally nor physiologically possible.
Homosexuality is not generational. The family tree that starts with a homosexual union never grows beyond a sampling. Without the cooperation of a third party, the homosexual marriage is a dead-end street. In cyber language, the marriage is not programmed properly and there are hardware problems as well.
. . . Across America, “rights” are being created and bestowed routinely by judges indifferent to the wishes and values of their communities. This new wave of judicial tyranny confers special rights upon whichever group can cry the shrillest claim of victimhood.
At the core of the effort of homosexuals to legitimize their behavior is the debate over whether or not homosexuality is some genetic or inherited trait or whether it is a chosen behavior. The activists argue that they are a minority and homosexuality is an immutable characteristic.
But no school of medicine, medical journal or professional organization such as the American Psychological Association or the American Psychiatric Association has ever recognized the claim that homosexuality is genetic, hormonal or biological.
While homosexuals are few in number, activists claim they represent about 10% of the population. More reliable estimates suggest about 2% of Americans are homosexuals. They also are the wealthiest, most educated and most traveled demographic group measured today. Per capita income for the average homosexual is nearly twice that for the average American. They are the most advantaged group in America.
Homosexuality is a behavior-based life-style. No other group of Americans have ever claimed special rights and privileges based solely on their choice of sexual behavior, and the 1986 Supreme Court decision of Bowers vs. Hardwick said sodomy is not a constitutionally protected right.
When the state enacts a new policy, it must be reflected in its public school curriculum. Textbook committees and boards of education will ensure that all of that flows into the classroom. American families do not want the “normalcy” of homosexual marriage taught to their children.
Churches may not be forced to perform homosexual weddings but individual churches that resist may be subjected to a civil suit for sexual discrimination. Resistance may be used as a basis for denying them access to federal, state, or local government programs. In the Archdiocese of New York, Catholic churches were singled out by the city and denied reimbursement given to every other church for providing emergency shelter to the city’s homeless. The reason cited was Catholic opposition to homosexual “rights” ordinances.
Whatever the pronouncements of the . . . nation’s highest court, Americans know that “homosexual marriage” is an oxymoron. Calling a homosexual relationship a marriage won’t make it so. There is no use of rhetoric that can sanitize it beyond what it is: unnatural and against our country’s most basic standards. Every reputable public opinion poll demonstrates that nearly 8 of every 10 Americans don’t accept the pretense of “homosexual marriage.”


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