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Gender relations in Fascist Italy under Mussolini


The paper will be about gender relations in Fascist Italy under Mussolini. It needs to include a historiographical debate (As will be seen on the attached image). It can argue, In hand with authors like (x), this essay will show how while the regime imposed many legislations and utilized propaganda heavily in order to reproduce and reinstate conservative patriarchal notions of gender and the control of the female reproductive system, it was unsuccessful in this regard and involuntarily made strides for the emancipation of the Italian woman. This can be seen with …

I have all the sources that will be included in the paper + some notes on said sources that will be included. An extra source that I want included I have in ACSM format and PDF format (These sources are really important so I want to send theese to the writer through i.e. WeTransfer) as my main sources are Victoria de grazia are Perry Willson


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