Health Information Systems


Within the report of the system you selected and have researched throughout this course, you should clearly identify, compose, and integrate each of the following components:

1. Summarize the informatics system, including its history and background, the founding organization, and how the system currently interacts with the U.S. health care system.

2. share the perspectives of health professionals, including reflections and recommendations for improving both documentation, documentation technology, and/or informatics skills.

3. describe some clinical decision support tools that benefit (if in existence) or would benefit clinicians, care teams, and patients utilizing your chosen system. Think about how the workflow can be improved for practitioners and health care safer for patients.

4. discuss the impact of wireless mobile devices in accessing health care information. Does your system have accessibility via the internet or portable devices? You will identify and describe some potential risks and proposed risk management strategies for accessing, storing, and transmitting EPHI.

5. identify the potential opportunities and limitations of your health information technology system. Taking the role of either a clinician or a patient, you will discuss changes you hope to see in the future to improve workflow or patient care.

Format your paper consistent with MLA guidelines (Note: Students who are not enrolled in the BA in English program may use APA formatting).

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