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History of assisted suicide in Canada

Decriminalization of assisted suicide in Canada

History of euthanasia in Canada is deep and has had great impact in the lives of many Canadians. Currently, Assisted death in Canada is in urgent need of reforms and clarification. However if it is to take place thoughtful analysis and careful decision should be carried out during the process.

Currently there is a comprehensive review about all the significant development regarding the legal status of assisted death in Canada. However, there are some reactions regarding the framework and analysis in terms of decision and nature for the assisted death.

Request and treatment refusal for assisted euthanasia and suicide some believe it should be respected if made voluntarily by individual with mental competency and sound mind. Consequently  the regime has not yet been proposed  for Canada that is actually less restrictive compared to the status quo with the respect to euthanasia and assisted suicide  and a bit restrictive with the  respect of withholding and withdrawing potentially life sustaining treatment.

Basing the arguments of the thorough review made against assisted suicide, some regimes permits euthanasia and assisted suicide still it insists a test should be done to validate the requirements to be met regarding the refusal of the treatment.

However, Canadians should make it very clear it is not all about old people dying still young people life can become a subject when the end of life becomes an issue. We can help you write a custom essay on any subject at very friendly rates, from as low as $10 per page.


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